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Friday, May 30, 2008 @ 9:32 PM

ok , i tink i gt the mood the start a post today (:
lets start from morning , lesson 9am-12pm. after tat, went to meet larry at doubty god mrt control station. went to bishan to buy fone but kena bomb by fren. the price he told me was $368 but i went there ask was $488. so big different , wtf lol ! make me n larry wasted mrt fare to bishan for nth. zz ok lets nt tok abt tis idiotic thing -.-
hmm , after tat waited for baby n her didi to come n we went yishun to fetch bubble (:
weee bubble stil so cute ;D
she was so excited when we arrive at the door step lols. we take taxi to aljunied n slack at there.
i went home by taxi at 8plus after finishing dinner wif baby n larry x33s .
ok that's all for today i guess (:

ok lets me write something abt i feel abt these ppl till now (:
my precious ones .

baby ; she is so lovely n understanding toward me. i duno y i can trust her 100% n hope she wil last long wif me , dun care is stead or no stead. i really love her n my feeling wont faded till the day she did something really hurtful to me. lets tis story carry on (: iloveyou x33s

larry ; g4y parther ! dun sad le, i noe hw u feel when u 1 year plus wif a gan yet stil nt so close. the feeling is nt really nice , but pls dun emo or angry le ;D cheer up ma ! everything wil be fine de. dun worry u wil always be my g4y parther de ! but nt so openly la . i cmi ;X lols !

silent ; thanks for helping me so much last time yet sometime i dun trust u but u nv blame me.
anything u can tel me or wat , i can try help or be a good listener , dun always keep to urself.
i gt thing also gt tel u de . mus share share u noe (:
p4l huat !

@ 12:35 AM

let me do the quiz bah (;

#1 if your lover betray you, wad will your first reaction be?
i wil be veri sad yet wonder y she betray ):
#2 if you can have a dream to come true, what will it be?
i wan to design my own house when i grown up (:
#3 wad will your dream wedding be like?
nt sure. depend (:
#4 are you confuse as to wad lies ahead of you?
nt really confuse, jus wondering my future.
#5 wad's your ideal lover like?
long hair, caring, gentle, understanding :D
#6 which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
being love. loving someone who dun love u is painful.
#7 how long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
longest i have wait is 6mths , but i don't like to wait anymore (:
#8 if the person you secretly like is attached, wad would you do?
i wil jus gib them my blessing n decide wat to do next.
#9 is there anthing that made you unhappy these days?
nth (:
#10 are you in love or being loved now?
both ! it's complicated but i love her x33s
#11 how do you see yourself in ten years' time?
a sucessful person with a lovely family , mayb 2 kids ? ;X
#12 who are currently the most important ppl to you?
family, p4l n dun forget BABY ;D
#13 wad kind of person do you think the person had tagged you is?
baby u mean? she is lovely n i love her x33s
#14 would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
#15 wad is the first thing you do every morning?
open my eyes
#16 would you give all in a relationship
100% if needed
#17 if you fall in love with 2 ppl simuntaneously, who would you pick?
mayb the one i love more.
#18 wad type of friends do you like?
steady n nt backstabber
#19 wad would you like to do with your boy?
im a boy , i wont have a boy (:
#20 wad would you name your children in the future?
i wil tink abt it , mayb next time ans u (:

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 @ 11:31 PM

Suddenly feel like posting abt today. Today was a so-so day. like normal days , i wake up went to school but today was a full tiring days 9am-5pm course. the teacher make it into 9-3pm which is a good thing. i can return home early n rest. took a nap for around 1 hrs + - . after nap , went to eat dinner wif my parent.
eat my last time favourite chicken wing from chong pang nasi lemak stall. OMG IT SO YUMMY YUMYUM ! the chill was great too (:

i rewatch alot of shows in ppflim, cos it so so boring at home. life is so boring without plans. i wanna learn how to ride a horse rofl ;X or ice skating n alot more (:

baby (:
iloveyou too. thanks for being wif me till now, i always tink im nt a veri good stead but a veri good fren, mayb we can try to be stead after our deadline is over. upload the foto we took tgt le.
so sad u nv upload it into ur post ): u r always so understanding n caring to me. hope these wont change. i really wanna noe u better, gib me a chance to do it. all the best in ur studies n win bubble back ! no matter wat u do, u gt my support! tat's the most i can do i tink.


Monday, May 19, 2008 @ 8:36 PM

heyo ! :D
wawa hereeeee . milo's blog is rotting like hell =/
make blog for him still so lazy . lols . anyways , he was being called to stayed at hospital yesterday .
& today 3pm then discharge . lols .
okie lahs , nothing else to blog (: few day didn't see him already . blahs .
takecare alright baby , must drink water & eat medicine arhs :D
kekes` x33`


Wednesday, May 14, 2008 @ 11:06 AM

ytd is a bad bad days .
baby , dun feel sad la . jus do ur best n study well , quit smoking . show to everyone tat .. really mean alot to u . i duno can put anot so i put .. :X
i was lazy to blog doh , but seem like today wil be a better day so i blog .
if nt later ppl complain i lazy again .
waaa baby , u finally open the bear me n ash give u de ah haas .
nice to hug , den every nite hug bah ;D
weeee im so gand0ng by ur msg last nite . gosh la , going cry soon :X
jkjk rofl .

OMGOSH LA ! i cant wait till june o1 or o2 , which 18 more days to go .-.
i wanna get my new fone 910i soon ! rawr
everything i getting all becoming red le . lols
weee , i going to meet my cso officer le .
leaving hse soon , i duno when den can meet my baby again , so sian -.-

tis sat , hope i see those bunker i wan to see :D
tatas . i dun wan blog le .


Monday, May 12, 2008 @ 12:43 PM

Today i wake up late , thanks to my maid who fk care i gt wake up anot .
nvm , i prepare n went to take bus . stomach was really pain when i was in the bus . went to consult a doc n take mcs (:
reach home le , on com . feel like posting . today's nt a veri good day . alot of thing happening .

BABY , i really hope nth happen to her . it wil be hurt for u n me ): takecare , dun keep stress urself uh . dun keep pull ur hair , later bald den u noe . i duno hw to cheer u up , onli can do my best to brainwash u . anything update me uh (:

later if anything to update den i edit the post bah .
hope my blog gt ppl to read lols . first time blogging , kinda enjoy it saying stuff out .
Ohya , thanks BABY alot alot x33s for making n editing tis blog for me .
i swear u r the best (:


Sunday, May 11, 2008 @ 9:14 PM

weeee! my first post of my blog . LOL !
who say i wont stay on blogging . i can try (:
im always keen to learn de le ;X
im hardworking wahah ! bhb*

hmm lets start wif today is MOTHER DAYS !
mummy ; iloveyou lots la ! thanks for being there for me when i needed it .
all the trouble i make u helped so much . thanks thanks thanks (:
i promise i wil do well for my IT course . i wanna be a better child for u .
great to have u have as my mummy ;D

today spend my first pay buying lunch for my mummy !
went to eat japanese food , yum yum (;
the meal cost 56.7o. so exp
but it's worth it .
weeee after lunch went to find BABY ! <333
around 3 plus ,
pei her at lan shop awhile cos she working today (:
eat wif her around 5 plus , yummy ;X
i leave the lan shop around 6 plus .
took a cab back n eat dinner wif family again .
im going to fat , i wan fatter ! wahah (:
tat's all for today i tink .
pei-ing baby chatting on fone now . lols .


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