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Sunday, February 22, 2009 @ 11:24 PM

Milo need serious help now !! urgrent.
i duno wat i do or eat wrong. i suddenly become veri serious in anything.
i cant take joke nor i can joke now. mayb partly is cos of my parent but
i need some ways to cure it! i dun wish to be tis me anymore.
anyone gt tips to cure tis pls tell me by any way u can contact me thanks.

@ 2:22 PM

My mood tis few day was so-so. Emo, envy, jealous, angry, happy. all kind of feeling.
ya happy's the last. my life now is nt the life i wan. everything's nt in place.
everything is oppsite of wat i wan. Fkit! i did enjoy myself ytd wif aos. belated happy bday gio !:D aos.saddistic. ya have some laughter here n there. i was enjoying myself till i forget the timing i need to reach home by 9pm. when i look at the time, it's alr 8.50pm. woah, i was dam shocked den i rush home by cab. i jus finish taking the ice-cream n drink to the table n have to rush home ): nv enjoy it. ya at night have some dota game wif aos. i see a big diff in my life when i in ... n when im nt... though i regret i join... but my life were much much happy tat time. everyone treat me like their own. unlike now, always i go out wif them. i will have a feeling im nt a part of them. everyone gt topic to tok abt to each other. im always quiet n listen onli. nvm (:

i always tot u were the 1 tat understand me well. ya i really thankful tat u always def me when i burst out n ppl complaining abt me. im gladful. but the way u treat me is so diff from last time. last time i ask u go out, at least 1-3 time, 1 time accept. now i ask EVERYTIME reject. wtf is tis, pei me go out also cannot? nvm.
u should know i gt some area factor in my life tat's impt to me. 1 of it is dota.
always i diff team wif u radar n fate or some other pros. it always mega de. yes i did mega n tat's onli once. tat onli once. u all keep mega me 2-3 time or more alr.
u know i always dam depress over dota skill yet u still dun wan end when i ask?
u fk care wat i say? n when u diff team, u ask radar to end onli. den me le? invis ah. we know each other for abt 3-4 years or more alr. u been always so nice n understanding. i know mayb u have reach ur limit n u dun wanna tahan me anymore. if u understand me u should know hw impt is dota bro fren to me. when i need some attention the most, u fk care me. u majiam heck care me. i tok wat u reply -.- , other ppl tok to u. okok de. i been changing yes my attitude is bad. but still anything u need or wat, i sure help de wat. it take 2 hands to clap. if u will jus nt act like u heck care den it will nv happen tis way. i duno wtf u tinking. i feel dam sian alr. if u started to heck me n dislike me. jus tell me straight. n if u still treat me like a blood bro den do something abt it. i keep joke yet no one laugh. nvm , when at fault. u always dun side me. see the diff between a new fren xue n a blood bro. it's nt abt outing tat mean impt. it abt the way u treat things.
nvm i know i type so much, u also may nt be reading it. nvm fk care it ba.

meet out soon ba :D i got so much to complain LOL ! jk =p

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 @ 11:20 PM

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009 @ 7:41 PM

Hi everyone :D
thanks for those tat still can read till tis post cos it been veri long since i post.
so if u still can read tis post tat mean u been coming into my blog n check whether gt new post anot.
ok right now, i been finding alot of job to do. make myself busy dun wanna do nth den tink alot.
i jus finish watching a veri old show 鹿鼎记. veri touching , veri sad, veri happy all kind of emotion also inside. i really envy the main character wei xiao bao. nt cos he gt 7 wife but cos he live his life to the fullest. everyday happy-go-lucky but serious in doing wat he need to do.

ok let me intro everyone alittle of myself.
i may look like a person without emotion, dun show much emotion but actually im veri emotional. once i read someone's blog, tat post say something like tis. 'dun close up urself, or u end up hurting urself ' now i finally know wat does it means. i been closing up myself too much tat i duno hw to express myself anymore. wateva i do, i may make ppl mistaken. my choice of word, my action. i been promise i wil change but it jus seems tat i cant.
i guess as i lose in so many area, it jus hard for 1 area to fix it back. [onli p4l knows]
i crave for alot of attention from diff area, like frens, parent, n alot more but i know wat i wan, don't mean i will get it.

this post is abit of myself. may look naggy but if u dun wanna read it, it's fine (:
thanks all for coming into milo's blog.


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