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Monday, July 28, 2008 @ 10:49 AM

later going to eunos working again, tis time ms jasmine wanna tok to me abt my planning lo.
hees, so funny la! i made my first deal (:
though i nv earn much but im fine wif it cos i benefit my granny.
thanks granny for buying from me x33s
hmm nth much in my life.
p4l also rarely meet out le, cos i keep working lo -.-
sorry p4l bros x33s
i will meet u all more n more de (:
dun worry, p4l wont be forgotten.
k i go prepare le ba (:

Sunday, July 27, 2008 @ 12:30 AM

i guess my reader miss my post ba :X
so long nv post le cos nth nice to post lols.
i guess i write a post ba, since quite a few ppls been complaining to me they nv see my blog update.
hmm today celebrate silent's bday again.
alot of ppl came, lazy say who lols.
today my pool form nt bad le, win 4 games in a row.
after tat duno wat happen, keep losing onli.
stil gt win back a few ba i guess :X
today keep smiling no matter happy anot, nt bad nt bad (:
hmm nth much le ba.
TML i going to meet some more appt, hope can do it!
im going wif ms yanru for the first time lols.
i wonder if close deal, den mr yenlong no face le :X
wahahah! jkjk, thanks for VE's ppl de patient n concern.
i really love VE ppl (:
though my parent gt network for me for other job tat earn better but i tink im going to stick wif VE ba, i dun wan to waste all of those senior de effort n time (:
n thanks beata cousin rocks !
tat intro me into VE's family.
i really learn alot n i noe im going to learn more.
wish me luk for tml appt ba.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008 @ 10:56 AM

going to work at eunos for some more training again.
i feel utterly disappointed by my dad but ohwell, he tink different for network marketing.
im going to work hard n get the 1st deal ! at least tis week.
i wonder who is my 1st customber? (:

ohwell, duno y i nt really adapt to the life where there's no love.
but nvm, things cant be say in blog de.
i believe 1 day miracle wil happen. like my job!
im like contradicting myself, half of my mind dun wan the miracle to happen cos it will be damm damm hurt or sad. another mind of mine, is saying nt bad wat.
my life's kinda stable down with work.
i really wanna be a somebody where ppl call me Mr.Chris. lols.
kk la going to eat my breakfast den go company training le.

Monday, July 21, 2008 @ 8:51 PM

blahhh reach home le . so tiring
after so much training n learning of product n go to my dad for my first deal .
he din support me or gib me chance to say abt my product but i noe he wanna see wat changes i have in tis job. i will prove to him n everyone tat i really can change de.
life is nt so sucessful so i will learn to accept rejection.
i will go on ! jyjy meelo ! wee`
kk later dota wif alot of ppl i tink (:
own own own !

Sunday, July 20, 2008 @ 11:07 PM

today went to work the whole day at eunos , learn alot of thing (:
thanks mr yen long n ms yan ru n other nice nice ppl to teach me so many stuff ! (:
u guys r really nice n patient.
tml i will be working for my 1st deal n tml will be the day i start to work.
saddly, today is pay day ):
mean i next mth den can get payed lols.
i will work hard n get at least 3k for tis mth de!
kk wish my luk ba (:
i need to do alot of reflection already though my company's ppl all tink tat im nt a 17 cos im mature enuff for my tinking but still i tink im childish ba.
i need to work hard tml!
i wanna be a 1day ME . {closed 4 deal}
weee` im sure to do it.
kk tat's all i guess.

Saturday, July 19, 2008 @ 9:05 PM

2nd post of the day .
wanted to work today , tat's y wear so formal , in de end for some reason nv go work =\
nvm tml going work for my last 2 hrs of training n start working lols !
i mus work n earn money le .
i been spending alot tis few days -.- is like wtf !
kk went to lan find mummy (:
she is still the same n she intro me a show regarding the china earthquake de .
wat she say abt the show , like so touching lo but i not into the show =\
saw larry, daniel, silent n den after some times , saw kolyn n mattew too (:
see see for less den 5 mins , bye bye le lols .
silent n me will playing soccer wif those small kids , rofls .
after tat , went to katong mall to play pool wif ash , tinghui n silent .
play pool , keep losing as usual .
duno y my pool skil jus become crap -.-
i keep being a idiot wif silent today , but at least make tinghui n ash laughs (:
they sent me to take cab home n im home posting le .
kk going to bath , smell good LOL =\


@ 10:42 AM

there's alot of thing i actually wanted to write out in tis post.
but i dunno hw . hais , wat can i do now ! zzz
life is jus meaningless and aimless .
i do hope im really fine .
p4l bro till de end .
i stil find tat in my life something is still amiss .
ahya meelo , fk tis amiss thing pls !
i shouldn be posting anything like tis but i dun wan my blog to rot .
i onli noe no matter happy or sad or wateva feeling i have , i onli smile to others .
i guess a smile can resolve alot of thing ba .
though my aim is being a somebody in tat company im working right now but even im starting to earn 29k per mths after working like our company topman for 7 years . still there is something missing . i maybe a somebody in the company , when im out of the company , im a nobody.
even if im a somebody to everyone , im a nobody without your care n concern !

ytd , my stomach still veri pain , gt fever again 38.1.
duno wat the fk happen to my body , it so weak nowadays.
i cant let ppl worry or get trouble for me, so i did take my medi but till now my stomach still kinda pain. fever's gone.
k i going to have my last 2 hrs of training den can start working n earning money le.
i will work hard n save alot alot of money to do wat i wan.
kk tat's all.



Thursday, July 17, 2008 @ 9:04 PM

ok i went to sch today as per normal.
after sch, i went to eunos wif jason n jeremy.
such a small world, tat we r working in the same company lols .
i tink we gt more chance to meet after sch le .
i guess im putting 100% into work now .
i wanna earn alot alot of money n carry out wat i wan to do .
though my parent dun support me n keep on discouraging me but i will prove them wrong but showing them my pay cheque once i get it.
i wanna let my parent noe tat i can do something without their help.
i tml going to eunos to start my basic learning experience hope i close a deal ;D
ya i tink i going wif jason n jeremy too (:
kk jiayou meelo ! i can do it ;D
tat's all i guess


Wednesday, July 16, 2008 @ 2:50 PM

Ok im going eunos to meet my cousin for some working stuff.
later i will update my reader wat ahgong{gan mummy's dad} told me in fortune telling. so stay tune reader ;X

ok back from eunos, kinda tired =\ but i enjoy listening to them lo.
those ppl there is really friendly, though they gt problem themselve but they treat ppl wif respect n i going back there tml after sch.i gt a stupid tinking though but i will keep it to myself. i will be a somebody de !

ok ahgong fortune telling for me .hmms, i no worries for money or even no money. no worries no gal out there for me but i dun care abt gal first. i will marriage at de age of 26. i duno hw to save money. once i touch gal, my fortune will drop. i will earn quite alot after age of 3o. oni noe hw to save money after 4o. i may die early at de age of 60+ so i mus becareful of car at tat age. im nt veri smart, so cant expect me to get good result. ok tat's all i guess. if anything i rmb tat i edit the post (:


Sunday, July 13, 2008 @ 7:21 PM

i nt so bo liaos to jus to make u anxious n worry . nt cos of ash , i den dun care le .
sorry if i spoil ur mood , ur jus trying to say it's jus a gan blahblah .
nvm la is a gan nia . u started tis gan , ended wif tis gan . all u decide , i cant say anything ba .
i did try to be ur fren , nt i nv . i will do my best to be a fren again ba . hope tis time it really work.

yihui , tis is singapore le , from the start i noe u , u heard from xiaoai n some other ppl tat im bad den u keep say wan tio me jus to make me stay away from her. i really duno wat i've done wrong. i wont tio a gal. u wan beat me wif all ur backup all wat, den pls beat me till i die, if i still left my last breath den i make sure u regret it. i veri tired over those problem so dun add in problems for me.


@ 11:42 AM

seriously i gt nth to worry le . mattew will treat her 1oo times better den me .
i been tinking wat is fairytale ? after wat someone told me , i finally noe le .
being a close fren , celebrate tis saddistic 6 mth wif tis loser , mattew gonna mistreat her . it's all jus my fantansy i guess .
i wont noe hw u tink abt me . a suxer i tink ?
u chat wif yihui abt me , u become another person . mayb tat's the real u ba .
at least i noe wat u 2 chatting abt already . i can swear to everyone even if i die in my room .
no one will notice , onli till the next morning mayb . tis is hw patheic it will be .
ya im tat useless , onli gt my brothers to support me . at least b4 i make any harsh decison , i going to settle all those thing tat i haven do . if u wan try wif meelo , i nt going to gib face le .
i been trying to relax yet u keep coming over to provoke . wat u trying to prove sia ?
i gonna fk care u at tis moment but dun be over limit .
i duno wtf i tinking last night , ash thanks ba , i will do a swee swee step tat end everything de .
promise is jus a word , dun worth a thousand gold in my heart already .
i may promise u but i may nt be doing it .
jus see hw it goes as i say ba . i duno le .
i guess she left wif no choice but to hurt me alot more .
tis is my life ba , for holding on to something which is nt mine already .
ya i dun have anyone to support me except my bros .
at least i gt my bros , is enuff . i dun need many ppl to support me .
i noe everyone support mattew . im a nice guy , he's a great guy .
say nan ting is use money to pamper gal . ya i duno hw to pamper gal .
he can be super romantic , ya i duno hw to be romantic .
ahya nvm la no point typing so much .
later ppl come kp me again .


Saturday, July 12, 2008 @ 11:09 PM

k i guess today silent's fren de taiji should be alright le ba (:
today went to katong mall wif silent , larry n ash .
nth much , as usual play pool , drink bubble tea , spend alot of $$ lols .
i tot i nv go out till sat but once go out spend until like flowing water .
i guess today silent ton-ing cos erika ton-ing . i gonna dota alone wif don,des,lab n don's fren .
nt really owning but in de end they leave , pub0r game -.-
went to bunk after deciding awhile cos ash miss those ppl in bunk LOLS .
cab down to bunk den slack slack , tok tok .
i went home at 8 , ash n larry too .
left silent there .
k tat's all i guess .

i really really thanks those ppl who gib me advise , stood up for me , accompany me when i needed it . these ppl will be loved n concern by meelo although i nt really good in tat =X
anyways , without u guys meelo wont stand up to face reailty ba . i guess i really miss my old self ba , i dun wan ppl to be worrying for me already , i shall stop here n really try becoming back the old meelo . hmm another thing , i need to quit tis bad habit of tinking too much but nt many ppl make me tink too much ba . guys , if gt ways to cure it , tag me uh ;D

end blog

@ 10:24 AM

ytd went out wif silent , jason , dor , soda . waited for soda for more den 3 hrs +
she onli noe hw to laughs n after tat she came le . we need to wait for her again .
when we will abit tulan-ed n went down bunk to find dor n soda .
when i step into bunk , i heard dor say they came le , can go liao .
i was like wtf-ing lols .power la , make us wait although we r boy la .
kk la den exchange present wif dor ^^
she bought me a nice key chain wif my name n a heart on it .
thanks^^ i have put on my fone le .
den reach parklane finally !
went to play pool n abt 7.30+ .
i walked dor to mrt from parklane n i go take bus .
tat's all for ytd i guess .

silent say i slowly becoming back the old meelo i once be . tat cos i dun wan anyone to be worry abt me . everyone gt problem , i dun wanna add into their problem , i dun care im sad or wat .
i will smile as much as i can if possible . i hope i can be back the old meelo i used to be . i will learn to change myself . anger wont solve any problem . indeed cant blame anyone or fate to be like tis , but i can swear god is giving me stages to clear b4i can reach out to my belove one . i swear i will do anything for u de .


Thursday, July 10, 2008 @ 12:40 AM

tis is a long naggy post , if dun wan read is fine wif me .
y meelo is a fickle minded person ! grrs . everytime angry already , tink back y m i so angry ?
i already say i accept n dun mind . okok slaps meelo* cant be angry de .
it's normal for teenager in r/s to be like tis . come to tink back , i really dun mind wat she's doing in the past , now or even the future . i jus feel uneasy bah . i maybe over protective but it all jus concern n dun mean harm . y mus my attitude always be so bad -.- y cant i be romantic ? y mus these bad point be those point tat u hated most . no matter wat , i say i will change myself again n again yet i nv . i really look down on meelo . useless sia , y so easy hot-tempered . y always gib attitude when she treat u good or concern for u . grrs , i dislike myself like tis . guys , is there any way to change attitude or become more romantic , pls tel me if u all noe hw cos meelo seriously wanna change . i dun wan jus say say . all along in my heart , i stil feel veri happy cos of ur little words of concern . even if jus 1-2 short msgs , it really brighten up my day . i may nt be the swee talker but wat i type here is wat i wan to say . nobody noes , wat wil happen tml . so cherish wat u have now b4 u all regret . u r my greatest regret , i dun care if u read tis post already , u going to start topic n quarrel or avoid me . i jus wanna type all out already . i really really hope i can be something in ur life , i wan to be somebody in ur life . dun care is fren , gans , stead or wateva .
i wan help u when u gt trouble , i wan lent u my shoulder if u sad , i wan lent u my ear when u need to complain , i wan to do anything jus to be around u . i mayb like xiao xin so attitude n not romantic but at least u r urself when u r around me last time . now i tink u cant even treat me as a normal fren cos u scare u tok more will hurt me more or jus gib me false hope . seriously if u say u dun mind being a fren wif me y still cant look at me sunday ? we onli tok 2 lines till larry came den we chat more . tis is call a fren ? i noe it hard to be normal fren also , i do hope we can keep trying . i dun care wat my outcome will be , at least i wanna feel tat we really did try . u r like pei pei in the show , so pretty n cute like an angel in my heart . i tink if i nv even change myself , i will nv dare to hope for anything . 161 days n still counting . tis is the first time i still waiting when the gal is in a r/s n do so much thing already . thanks for getting in my heart when there is so many out there , i gonna keep u in my heart . now u may feel everyone is envy of u , u feel everyone is jealous of u . i guess kinda true bah , no one jealous or envy u in the past . im facing the reailty n i noe it gonna be a hardcore thing but i wont gib up . i wanna noe u better b4 i can make any decison . i really wan see wat kind of gal r u . i hope u wont disappoint me n become someone like wat ur ahma say u in the past . sorry if i mention ur ahma cos i suddenly recall of her . dun care la , i noe ur ahma view of u is a comfirm wrong cos she duno u well enuff . it take a lifetime to noe a person well enuff , i guess i will use my lifetime to noe u well . i wanna do alot of thing but i scare u may tink im irrtating again . everytime i msg u , i see ur reply like dun feel like msg-ing me like tat . i guess ur life now left a few ppl tat u can concern too bah . mummy , mattew , yihui , larry . i dun count myself in cos im nt those impt person in ur life . i wonder sometimes when u do something , will u suddenly tot of me anot ? i wonder sometimes wat others say to u , will u tink of me anot ? if gt , im really happy lo . now everything ur fone rings , ur first tot is mattew . 3-4 mths ago , when ur fone first ring should be me bah {bhb}.
if u need any help , pls tel me really . i will do my best to help u as much as i can . im always a call away n my fone is 24/7 for u n onli u . i will takecare of myself de , i duno y i jus feel weaker n weaker each day . even i eat medi already also i feel tat way . hope nth happen ba cos there is still alot of thing i wanna do wif u . when i grow up , i do hope i can earn money n den buy 2 ticket n bring u to japan to have fun . although tis year my bday wish is nt gonna happen n i guess tis year de bday wont be tat fun ba . ok let me use my first bday wish today ba.
1. meelo wish tat kolyn lim can be wif mattew lee foreva
i left 2 more wishes . next time gt chance den i tink abt wat i wan ba (:
i dun care i need to do hw much thing , ur smile can change my world . i do hope u will always smile .
end blog


Wednesday, July 9, 2008 @ 9:23 PM

9.23PM .

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 @ 12:34 PM

see carefully !

Kolyn .
thanks for ur concern n ur push for me to eat medi , i promise u from now onward . i will take care of myself de . im nt going to let anyone around me to worry . i really enjoyed wat i have in the past . all along u r a great gal yet i mistreat u in the past . wat i have done is really too much bah . the main thing is i wan u to be happy to be xin fu . i guess now u r veri happy n xinfu le bah .even cant be lover but can be fren foreva . i dun mind nt being prince or princess to u cos im always the toad by ur side . all the best !

Silent .
all along u advise me when im confuse n accompany me no matter wat . i really really thanks you . dun worry , the meelo u once noe will be back de . mayb nt so soon ba but gib me some time i will change back de . p4l gt u as the brain really do help alot n u brighten my day quite alot ba . i do hope 1 day she will understand hw u feel n accept u . all the best !

Ash .
thanks for being there for me n u did try to spend more time wif p4l already .
im really gladful . i hope she 1 day will understand ba , i noe u also wan her to be happy n feel fortunate . dun gib up if u wan carry on . cos once gib up , u may nv find the same gal in ur life again . lets learn dance together someday . i wanna learn ! all the best !

Larry .
g4y parther ! thanks for helping me to say nice words when i jus noe u awhile onli .
i nv even treat u tat good but yet u shown me the care n loves LOLS . lets learn jumpstyle or c walk together bah , so cool . no matter wat , i will support u de . im glad to noe u as a fren n may u find ur loves one soon . all the best !

Dor .
we r weirdface gans for 1 year n 1 days le . so fast yet i duno we r gans for so long lols .
dun sad over ur r/s problem . if u need my advise i will try to help u although i may nt be helpful but im nt useless . all the best !

Yihui .
thanks for ur advise n when u noe the problem , u call me jus to gib me some useful advise . last long wif ur boy ba ! all the best !

To the Rest where i nv write down ur names , dun mean i forget u all already .
jus tat meelo is abit lazy to write down everyone >< ! u all gt my support , anything can tel me or i can try to gib some advise de . all the best !

Monday, July 7, 2008 @ 11:57 PM

thanks for being there for me when i need although u r nt much help but thanks
i din noe so long le , laughs* times fly bah .
thanks for choosing tat song in ur blog for me but i stil dun really noe the meaning
lols ;X happy always , dun sad of ur old r/s ba . all the best !!

@ 3:05 AM

ok im going to slp soon , later mayb going to pei larry wif silent to wawa's lan .
my chest is pain duno y . i hope my lung wont have a hole again . hais zz
now no matter wat i do , u wont notice me bah , like today i buy apple tea for u .
i guess u already forgotten lols . i really hope 1 day u will notice wat i have done for u is onli concern abt u n mean no harm . i will support u wateva decison u made de .
i dun allow anyone to bully u , no one can ! even it cost my life i also will protect u de as a fren .
i guess quite alot of ppl look down on me already ba. cos of a gal become another person ?
it like i hate tat kind of person last time yet now im becoming like 1 . laughs*
i guess i understand hw they feel now . hope ur bf dun fine in court too much .
kk hope today will be a happy day .

Sunday, July 6, 2008 @ 11:33 AM

I find tis quite meaningful inside the show 18禁不禁 , recommended by kolyn de (:
the peom is ,
something u do , den u wil understand
something wrong already , den u wil understand
something when u grow up , den u wil understand
gal things , now i understand .
lols . i duno from chinese to english correct anot ><
abit lousy ;X
later anything i update more ,
tata` x33s

back from kolyn's lan .
meet her around 3.4o pm + den larry came at 7pm +
we nv really tok much b4 larry came but i guess i feel tat's enuff to see u smile , laugh .
i dun mean anything , i guess i can try changing my point of view n consider a fren .
all along , i dun dare to have high hopes cos high hopes onli make the person fall down from a higher place . i really enjoyed myself today but we nv do much today . i guess if u r bored in ur recess , u can msg me or i can call u de . im free 24/7 lols . im sure i wont find u bothering me de .
thanks for today ! ;DD

larry ;DD
god la , i din noe u treat me so nice lols . i nv expect u to write such a post jus for me . i nv even treat u tat nice yet u treat me nice >< ! thanks alot i need tat concern ;D i love you la ! muacks ;X first time writing in post a muacks for a boy LOLS . or isit the 1st person ;X ur nice wont be forgetten de ! i promise u need help , i will do my best to help u . all the best sucuessful person!

OMG i love tis sentence alot alot x33s ;DD

i dun mind nt being ur prince or princess , as long u r by my side . im the most fortunate toad in the world ! i seriously like tis sentence la ;X lols !

today is a great day ;D
tata` x33s


Saturday, July 5, 2008 @ 8:42 AM

i guess i still haven learn hw to accept it bah . if carry on like these , i sure keep spoiling ur mood .
i really duno hw to accept the facts tat im replace by him already. ya normally stead call each other baby but there is so many swee words out there , mus it always have to be baby ?
i already lose the most impt in my life yet now i going to lose the tittle too . im stil childish i guess, holding on to tis 'gan' tittle n keep complaining abt it . y mus i be so useless , y mus u be so mean , it jus take 1 week to meet back wif him , ur feeling can go back totally without lefting any for me ? i dun care if im a sparetire or wateva , if 1 day he dun wan u already , u can call me back , i wil be there for u once again [no offence] . i really really wanna stay around u to help u but each time the same situation wil appear again . i tink i really duno who im right now . y cant my parent be more concern over me ? the world is so big yet i onli see u in my eye . 1sided love is toturing i guess , it jus dun matter me anymore . wat matter me more is whether the future u wil get hurt anot . im concern abt u but i mean no harm .

k meeting silent later on at katong to go his sch for some tortise float thingy -.-
mayb i go cut my hair too . k later come back update more .

back to blog ;D
i guess today was a happy day bah . woolala x33s
we play pool den i keep joke abt them, sry guys ;X
des play pool always open the mouth wide lol , so funny la ! can put a pool ball in de ;X
den gt 1 i duno it name , he play pool like wan pang sai like tat la the face expression . wahah !
i keep joke abt them , until they keep notice abt their face expression n closing mouth lols !
went to farrer park n meet ash , eat dinner together n went home .
i din expect ash to take my fone to look for kolyn number n msg her im having fever .
thanks bro , i noe u r worry abt me .
thanks kolyn for ur care , i needed it ;D
i gt fever till 38.9degree -.- wtf rite .
i walk like a walking zombie duno hw to walk properly de .
den home le bath , eat medi den now blogg lols ;D
end bah


@ 12:42 AM

I was tagged by Kolyn;Baby , Larry;Gay .

1. What's your ambition ? duno nv tink abt it .

2. Who is more important to you ? Friend or girlfriend ?BOTH! ;D

3. Who is the person you trust most ?p4l

4. Do you think you have enough confident ? dun tink so . i duno hw to face reality

5. Who is your idol ? duno who -.-

.6. Do you believe in seeing rainbow after rain ? yes i do hope there is rainbow .

7. What's your goal for this year ? spend as much time wif her as possible b4 going in army

8. Do you believe in eternity love ? i believe i tink -.-

9. Have you broken someone's heart that he/she tried to commit suicide ? dun tink so , i dun have tat power

10. What feeling do you love most ? when both lover onli eye has each other n love each other alot alot . [past]

11. What are the recruirements you wished for the other half ?long hair n everything alike to her .

12. List out 5 of your bestfriends .Kolyn,Silent,Ash,Larry,Jason

13. Discribe yourself now in 3 words .Selfish,Whimp,Dumb

14. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours ?of cos i treasure them

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life ? to spend much time wif my love one. dun wan her sad anymore.

16. Describe the person who tag you in 5 words . Kolyn ; soft-hearted , cute , attractive , lovely , wonderful . larry ; kind , helpful , joker , handsome , kool .

17. What have you done to please yourself ? i onli regrets n i have 1 big regret

18. If time were to rewind , when will you want it to be ? 24o2o8 ? i wont make the same mistake again .

19. What will you want most for your birthday ? nth i jus wan to spend my bday wif her alonebut i dun tink can already .

20. Do you have a dream ? i have dream at nite .

Those who're tagged by me, CONGRATS ! xDD

1. Silent 2. Ash 3. Yihui 4.Dor 5.Cindeh

Friday, July 4, 2008 @ 10:37 PM

i guess i really do regret wat i have decide lol .
seem like i cant do it -.- hw determine im to change lols . i wonder .
i jus hope u wont blame me if really something happen bah . i dun wish too either .
i wil take care of myself u also mus take care of urself ;D

k today went out wif my classmate , caoliang , mattew , jason , jeremy to do project .
caoliang reach amk mrt the eariler n waited all of us .
mattew came after i meet caoliang 15 mins ago .
jason come after i meet mattew 3o mins ago .
jeremy come after i meet jason 1 hrs ago . late king !
power rite ? i nth to say lols .
after finishing the project . jason , jeremy n me went to eat dinner after i see finish doc .
thanks alot of accomany me . the fee cost 48$ wa fking exp le -.-
after tat i went home around 8.30pm .
reach home already , bath finish eat medicine .
i feel so dizzy after eating medicine , play dota from owning also become kinda feeding -.-
sian lols . all the way duno when to back or wat , keep die for nth .
my head feel so dizzy -.- nb !
chatting wif ash in msn right now .

end blog


@ 9:24 AM

jus wake up , brush teeth wash face .
nth to do jus blog something bah .
mayb u r right , im jus a useless whimp like a gal .
avoiding the facts , run away from reality .
hw can i suppose to treat u like a fren when my feeling toward u is burning ?
i really duno how . u say be fren , but no matter wat it wont be fren de .
u wil be tinking n den neglect me once more cos u dun wan him to be jealous de .
no matter hw angry or sad im , ur little words make me forget everything .
i decide tis cos i tink is best for u .
last time , i made u from alot of fren dote u become no ppl dote .
i dun feel good tat way ok? u cant possible to forget wat i've done for u ?
wat have i done ? other den making u friendless n keep giving u stress n trouble .
seriously im kinda happy ytd night . thanks alot, for spending around 3o mins jus to make me cancel wat i've decide . i duno y im being like tis .
i make myself become like tis , u been trying peacefully tok , harsh tok , logic tok to me yet my feeling for u jus cant stop . mayb i gt my mum de pattern bah , stubborn like cow like tat .
since all along , u wan me to gib up for u cos u find ur mr.right already . i disappear from ur world also the same wat . there is not a need for me to be around u already . i dun wanna be a thick skin guy n stick around when im nt really welcome there . for the first time , im so serious yet fail. i guess in r/s too serious wont help much bah . i rather be a hongster like last time .
at least it nt so painful . i duno wat u tinking , u wan me gib up yet u dun wan me to leave ur world but stay as a fren . partly i cant be a fren cos even though i go down lan to find u , dun u tink u sure treat me differently ? ohya , u say u jus wanna be a good stead n nt calling other swee swee name , but the facts is mattew is jealous when u call me baby but instead he is nt jealous when u call larry laogong . u noe tat urself onli when he mind n since he mind so much , i stay even as a fren also pointless.

i stil rmb wat i write for u [1 thousand words] but friendster gt problem so nv gib u .
baby baby baby ! ;D
i rewrite the comment bah . hais stupid friendster , so many problems .dun worry i wont leave u or end tis story till the day u put a dot on it de ;D
u r my 1 n onli.waaa gandong sia , u did so much haas .i wan the blog to be open to everyone sia ><>
i noe i noob la . but i dun care audi skills le ma ;X wahahaha ! at least the 5th try we couple le ;D weeee~lets train more n wedding ;D
if can . i dun mind dun wedding also . i wont emo le la cos i gt a baby so attractive so nice so intersting ;X
u dun hide from me stuff le hor ><>
3 claps claps claps* for meelo ! weeee` iloveyou,ineedyou,iwanyou!!!
x333s BABY nv leave me uh ;D TAKECARES ! weee`

seem like u have put a dot already . i really duno wat i tinking , hanging on a string . do u noe , u r treating me hot n cold sometime . everytime u treat me better , u wil feel tat u being control by me even when u wif other r/s . u wil still tink i nv treat u as a fren . ya indeed i cant treat u as fren . no matter , thanks for those happy time last time . cherish wat u have noe bah , i noe u grow more mature n awake when u wif him now. im happy for u. takecare when im nt around bah . like ur last post , u din write abt me cos u duno wat to write or jus scare write wrong thing .u should noe better den me , if u really wan me to be around u as a fren den prove to me u really can . instead of jus saying to me u wan to be a fren but yet we r more like a stranger .my heart is numb , i wish it dun pump anymore . tat wil be peaceful .



@ 12:18 AM

i guess no other choice den to leave her world bah .
it the best thing for her i guess.
without me around , there wont be jealously , wont be trouble for her .
seem she is alright wif it n she is really happy n enjoy now so no point changing ?
alright , takecare .. im nt going to around to assist u or wat le .
thanks for all those happy times n it wil always kept in my heart , no one can replace it .
dun feel gulity or wat pls ! i dun wan u to be like tis .
if u wan find me , can chat wif me in msn or tag me in my blog bah .
i jus a guy who wont change de i guess . sorry for wasting ur time brainwashing my mind .
hope 1 day can see gan mummy n u bah. dun tink so soon


Thursday, July 3, 2008 @ 9:13 PM

guess tat my parent wont change bah . i really feel like jus moving out of hse .
i feel much better staying inside prison den in tis house . it's bullshyt`
my mum always call me down to eat cos she dun wanna waste the food .
my mum ; ask me down , u dun wan eat ? a big pack .
i repiled ; dun wan i eat dinner already .
my STEP dad ; gt listen anot , he eat dinner liao .
so sacarstic la -.- pub0r le . i really starting to hate them .
my hand stil bleeds yet nt much ppl care abt it bah . nvm fk care my hand den -.-

today went out wif ash n silent . play pool at katong mall den saw alot of silent's sch mate lols . i keep losing n silent kinda deprove today . he mus be tinking alot . hais
after tat ash leave at 5.3opm to meet his sec fren , me n silent went to roxy square n eat bian mian again yummy ;X after tat sit at staircase , tok alot of thing .
ya tok so much stil around the same dam topic . after tat bring silent to farrer park n went home by cab again -.- fking waste alot of money le . zz

laughs* i tot a gan is alright , din noe even a gan also cant . seem like we r onli normal
fren bah.
kk anything u wan me to be lols . takecare .
fk la ! i feel like jus leave tis world n fk care everything . zzz !
y m i so useless ? y mus i always show out my feeling ? NB , cant i jus keep it in my heart ?
hais . i mus tink abt other first bah , i cant be so selfish le . i guess i dun wanna be wrong again .

end blog


Wednesday, July 2, 2008 @ 4:58 PM

went to sch 9-12pm n came back -.-
was slacking around the com till 4 plus when my dad came to the room n say alot of sacarstic words . i guess from a point of time , i learn from my parent those words too -.-
hw come im nt satafised wif my life . i find there is something missing in my life although i once found out wat it is but i nv keep it well enuff . i really hate my parent to say tis kind of thing to me , y mus they always be like tis ? i been trying to change , wash plate after dinner . clean my room . y mus there always be something more ? those nasty word u said to me , i wil rmb de.
yes mayb i change alot alot . even i myself is lost in the middle of changing in life . everything jus messed up all of the sudden . i jus cant stop blaming myself for nt doing my part to my loves one . such a attractive n cute gal should nt be wif me , im who ? im a nobody . im jus a guy who irratited ppl , who bring ppl stress n trouble , y i always tink so highly of myself ?
those words are really harsh but it kinda wake me up alittle . i wan to be a somebody if 1 day n make my parent proud instead of them looking down at me .

edit post if there's any updates .

weee guess my mood is better already (:
jus stay like tis , n STOP fking changing ! thanks .
i miss my sec sch life , as i work as a waiter for the 1st day , ppl praise me good waiter . wahaha bhb LOL . im happy le , weee ~ although the pay is onli 5.5 per hrs but working wif alot of fren is so much fun la . it like always there is no work den we wil meet out n go out to eat steamboat , swensen n go kbox sing . we can go kbox every week like 2-3 time in a row. enjoy those day but it all turn out bad in de end . we go join wat lanjia0x gangs . all not prison now , or probation -.-
dumb sia ! i hate probation life ! i wan free myself ! RAWRS
ok meeting baby tml i guess . I MISS BUBBLE ALOT (:
rather miss bubble den miss baby sia ;X
kk bubble tml here i come x33s
end blog


Tuesday, July 1, 2008 @ 11:02 AM

really thanksful lols . a big thanks to my mummy n da gu , they finally notice me ! x33s
i have a raining session for 3o mins ytd , i feel better after it .
there is stil ppl concern abt me so i cant be like tis foreva .
guys , thanks alot ! i wil try to change myself de . although quite alot of ppl say im nt myself for quite a long time le . p4l is the onli blood bros i have . no one can make us separate , if someone do i wil nt gib chance to tat person . the worst is jus another oxy in bunk like tat . i mean wat i say , dun try to be funny . no one can bully my p4l n baby de .
later meeting silent, ash, xian (:
i wil edit the post later after i come back .

back !
ya after i read silent de blog , i fount tat quite true la (: GUYS tat reading my blog . plsplspls cherish ur love ones , once it gone . it hard to come back already . im once a foolish ,too protective, nv trust her, tink too highly of myself de guy cos i gt so much confidence tat it wil last foreva n neglect alot of tings.
it's my greatest regret but it a learning experience to me . i dun wan u all to be like me , so cherish wat u all have b4 it gone . like bathing , it may seem normal but when i went into prison , i onli can bath once per day n onli wif soap . no shampoo . zz ! so bath properly laughs*
today went to roxy sqaure , play pool n eat bian mian ! yummy la , so nice the bian mian , i intro u all go eat lols ;D im a pig , dun blame me ;X today i enjoyed myself lols . although i reach home late by 5 mins again n kena nag by my mum n dad -.-
duno y always kena say by them , i feel so sad .
no matter wat , i will cherish wat i have from now onward . i dun wanna regret n hurt again !
thanks JonathanTan bro ! wat u say really make me tink through .
jus have to wait for someone to accept u . dun need go find ppl de . ya i also nt ready for a r/s
i need to learn alot of skills first ;X n most impt , i wan earn big $ when i grow up so no worries abt my life n my parent to have some good life after taking a child like me so bad de .
silent , ash , xian . thanks for the day !
xian if u willing to join us , it fine to come find us lols . p4l more den willing ;X
weirdface , dun gan chiong lols . i stil saving $ for ur present although i duno wat to buy -.-
end blog
tata !

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