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Saturday, March 14, 2009 @ 6:01 AM

Look at the time!
Wow, i wake up so early? nahs.
my mum came in my room around 3plus asking me to bring her go see doc
see her in so much pain, my heart also pain.
takecare mummy! ur wonderful mum(:
So i bring her to chong pang de 24hrs clinic, abt 4plus back home.
Try to slp but i jus cant! arghh.
i was too bored so, hopping blog.
i see alot of old fren in nbss. i miss those life when im studying there.
i miss all the old times. while i gt alot of attention from alot of frens.
when frens really treat me as frens.
i once rmb a person told me, or i read from some place, forget alr.
'if it ur true fren, u will be suprisie how understanding tat fren is'
ya i find it true. alot of things happen make my mood terrible n ap.
i guess i found some frens tat r good to me yet i din cherish them.
i guess it jus some parts tat we dun agree to each other ba.
if 1 person tink im wrong, mayb tat person's wrong.
but alot of ppl tink im wrong, i guess im really wrong.
all i can say now is takecare bros.

im going to work later on, preparing soon.
im like a no life freak, work work work work work. even left sunday.
also no ppl jio me out. so i jus have to find something to do like taking up courses.
i wanna learn more stuff as the society now is so challenging.
my workmate tina say something abt me which i find it quite true.
im a person tat duno wat's the future, duno wat to do in the future.
duno wat's the thing tat i really wan. i hope i can find it soon.
but i guess i jus need to bulid up interest in my mum's company n take over her.
i dun wanna see her waste her youth fighting n buliding tis company, will fall in my hands. i promise i will work hard n learn all the product in the shortest time. i dun wan her to worry also.

i duno whether should tok back with those fren anot?
i wan too, but something is stopping me diu to some problem in the past.
regretted but life still have to carry on.
i guess i need to be happy everyday cos sad or happy life still goes on. my mum also say fren now nt really impt, money more impt. i find it ok to accept it. i will tink abt it n make a decison to it. duno whether they wan me to be back into their life anot. hais.

i jus wanna add something here,
i guess compare the past i treat ppl without tinking of abt the return.
but now i keep tinking abt the return i should get from them n i actually spoil friendship with them, sorry guys. it took me long to reliease it. i do admit im wrong, but i jus dun say it all the time. well i guess tat's all. bye [edited]

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Friday, March 13, 2009 @ 7:46 PM

ya i tink im going to learn how to be alone alr.
mayb cos i gt probation, nv get to hang out wif u guys n chi chat bulid bond den our r/s slowly reduce le ba. i know my fault for the attitude part but i always feel left out when i need to be the first to go home. so all the time i drag my timing till left awhile den take taxi home.
nt waste money but i wan to spend more time with u guys.
im so sick n tired of it le. i keep wondering, will ever a day we back tgt?
seems like without me, u guys r much better.
den so be it ba. i jus work n den go army. dun tink tat much lols.
i guess tis is jus going to be my life.
im tinking of taking up courses like golf, riding horse, pool, bowling.
see how, mayb onli lols.

Thursday, March 5, 2009 @ 2:51 AM

well look at the time, 2.51am lols.
mireen at taiwan shopping. enjoy uh :D
buy lots of nice stuff back lols.
kk im now taking my basic driving course. woo !
finally can get to drive, cant wait.
my dream car SLK lols. i dun tink i can able to drive it ba.
ok the test date is 27th march so fast lols.
abit scare cant pass. x.x
support me uh guys :D
ok tml is kolyn bday le. well happy bday in advance lols (:
im going to ur bbq too. i miss mummy,gucci,larry and u lols.
k see u all tml (:
i will update if possible. n my phone keep restart. fk!

Monday, March 2, 2009 @ 9:17 PM

AHHHHHHHHHHHH i wanna complain !! i wanna kpkb here !!
dun mind ah.

i really duno wat the hell happen to my life.
my onli area also gone alr. now im left with nth.
start a new life where gt so easy.
so many years de broship. so easy let go.
esp when i nv even do anything to u, yet cos me n him argue n quarrel
u dun wanna be bro too.
fkup man !
wat is tis ? im nt so nt impt to other ppl ?
i cant even feel tat im impt in any way.
i really duno hw to make new fren though i know it's still like the past.
i really regret doing alot of thing. dam fk
fortune teller once told me, im born as a horse in winter session.
can u imagine winter den come to tis world?
firstly alr suffer the coldness. so he say im a pityful boy.
but i dun need u all de pity!
ppl often see me as lucky, cos im gt a wonderful family background for now.
no one ever sees my past again when im small.
i nv ever look down on ppl cos of anything.
hais, i guess the problem lies in me.
ur the onli person tat should be able to help me yet u gib up on me.
tis is the ending of my ...
i really duno hw to be happy-go-lucky alr.
alot of time i feel like bursting but i keep controlling it.
i have to see everyone's face.
everytime i tok all heck care me.
den i say something, all say i wrong.
no one wanna tok to me, of cos the mood nt good wat.
[tis refer to something online] FK !

kk complain so much also useless. zz !


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