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Friday, September 19, 2008 @ 9:38 PM

well alot of thing happen den make me really moodless.
i dun feel like mentioning anything in the blog (:
wanna cheer ppl up also hard, feel so noob.
i duno wat i can do to cheer u up. sux man!
i dun tink u need me also, hw can milo do someting to make ppl happy?
ahya nvm.
life's getting harder now.

Thursday, September 18, 2008 @ 12:21 AM

i duno who i can share with my problem, i cant see to have the old p4l back.
working is so stress, without parent support. probation sux, without allowing to stay later to learn. so guys, pls if u staying up late at night, pls learn more.
i tink tis few days i been in bad mood regardless of work,friendship,relationship,parent.
all wrong! it's like getting harder n harder each time. at a point of time, i really feel like quitting.
i dun understand y! but i noe i cant quit.

... i dun wanna mention name (:
i noe it's weird tat suddenly alot of boy go back to u, wanna jio u n stuff.
yes i admit after u break off, indeed i feel like going back to u.
ur a nice gal but jus sometime ur mind goes too weird :X
i noe u treat me like the same as others, no different.
i noe u wanna stable ur heart first.
i noe ur next stead mus be romantic n stuff, if nt u rather die.
for ur group of fren, my reputation is bad.
i duno hw to hell i can change their mind, but i seriously dun care.
i duno wat i tinking right now.
i jus everyday tink of u.

oh well, it nth tat important now.
no one will ever wan me as a failure de.

@ 12:21 AM

actually for all fellow VE's member, today we have a great lesson from Mr.Khai.. top bgm group for a few mths in a row.
dun take thing for granted ba, even like staying out late.
i use out all my ways to learn wat's best for me to learn during nite.
my parent still negative abt wat im doing, let time prove everything ba.
those who can stay late in the company to learn something, pls do so!
it's best to learn from the best.
which i find tat i really miss out alot in the past cos of probation.
i wanna make my parent feel tat i really have change.
i really gt the determination n goals in life to do better.
all the best to everyone in ve , lets fight together.
my yanlong thanks to u, u have done alot of me.
thanks for being there for me, but sorry tat i stil duno hw to express out hw i feel.
i will do my best in everything de.
sure hit car ! ;D


Wednesday, September 17, 2008 @ 1:48 AM

hello all (:
i duno wat the hell happen to p4l but i feel there's a gap le.
wish i dunwan tat to happen!
hope im tinking too much (:
mayb the gap is there cos our dear ash p4l dun wanna be straight forward wif me , scare i kena hurt. at least now everything is fine (:
thanks mryanlong !
ya i facing rough path now but after tat will be sunshine, ms yanru say tis right (:
i believe there will be rainbow after raining also. hees

ytd went to do survey at RP lols.
with ms yanru, ms corrine, hobbie, carrot, genesis n me!
their sch fking big n nice la -.-
everything is so nice n big lols.
i onli d abt 30+ survey there, which i dun really like.
i wanted 50 though. nvm do better next time (:
ms corrine keep saying i act cute -.- nb!
i nv act cute lols n i will nv forget wat ms yanru n ms corrine say at passion cafe abt me =\
here its goes ;
ms corrine ; chris look innocent.
ms yanru ; ya look innocent but nt innocent.
ms corrine ; ya lo ya lo
both agree liao -.- Rawr.
i dun act innocent nor cute lol (:
anyway thanks for showin concern to me.
i will break through de.
tink of solution instead of problems (:
wahah ! sound so chim :X

nite nite =\

Friday, September 12, 2008 @ 1:53 PM

wat happen to me suddenly =\
suddenly all my thoughts gust back wif my past memories.
i feel tat im always making decison later den ppl by 1 step.
i find tat it's getting harder n harder in life.
but still y m i tinking of all these -.-
my mind always ask myself ; can i do it ? can i do it?
i feel so moodless, everytime i tink tat i wont be able to make u happy when u sad.
im nt the 1 u will tink of, when u wan someone to complain.
im jus like normal ppl in ur mind, nt even heart.
hais nvm ): im nt wanted.

i going to be promoted to a Marketing Manager by Sat (: wee~
nt really happy though -.-
i find tat it has alot more to learn.
kk i tink i going company le ba (:


Tuesday, September 9, 2008 @ 12:15 AM

YES! it's after 12am (:
b4 12am, im on stage taking my ME badge !
weee <3
i m aiming for Marketing Manager by WED !
haas , all the best chris to be mr.chris ! :D
specially to Beata[Cousin] tat bring me into the company :D i believe u can solve ur problem asap de (:
to Mr Yanlong[BM] for guiding me all along when im a SA , ur advise really help me alot. thanks ! SURE HIT CAR MAN ! :D
to Ash[p4l BRO !] thanks for becoming a ME in 2 days , im really proud of u. i believe we all will hit our BM together next 2 mths :D
to Ms Yanru,Mr Willie,Mei Juan,Genesis n alot more ppl in VE who guide me till now (:
<33 u all alot ! :D

sorry i cant really be there for u when u need someone, but i tink if u wanna share anything wif me like complaining or wat, can always msg me. i believe no matter how busy im.
i will reply ur msg asap de (: i jus wanna do something for the sad baobao. im jus a fone away (:
if u really need someone to be there wif u, jus msg me. if it within the time restrict, i will do my best to go down n find u de (:
though i m tinking alot tis few days but ohwell life have to goes on. i believe now is nt the time for a relationship. mayb next year or so, when my probation,army all ended. i will seriously use all ways to get approval of the gal i wan (: i love baobao , thanks for brighten up my day.
ur the first gal tat walk wif me the whole bugis area in 1 day LOL ! :D

Dor Weirdface (:
i noe hw u all find me in the past.
i noe n i admit i m tat kind of person but 1 thing is for sure, i nv tink of anything b4 or wat i going to do wif her. it from the bottom of my heart. lets time prove everything ba (:
but seriously , thanks for u n we have celebrate 1 year anni already (:
im sure it going to be 2 year , 3 year , 4 years .. (:
WEIRDFACE love you (:
all the way !

ASH p4l BRO !
im so so proud of u becoming a 2day ME !
though alot of thing happen but pls if u understand me from the past im a veri straightforward person n u r always been there for me. So i believe tis straightforward problem, u will help me cure it right bro? i really wanna help u in any way man. i really dun wan anything to happen to u n me, i really dun wan! i cant lose any of the p4l. all i need is some form of needed n respect from u. all the best ! :D i love u bro !

though u r nt wif us nowadays (:
me n ash has hit our ME !
but i believe once u come back after ur N level.
u sure going to be better den anyone of us.
i have faith in u bro ! thanks for being there for me all the time too :D
i love u bro !

p4l bro !
i really really happy to have u guys by my side (:
i tink we r still growing up stage !
i believe tat we all will sucess in VE !
nt onli jus some ranking , but skilled in anything tat we r.
tat should be the way of p4l ! :D
lets really help each other bad point become good point.
i really dun wanna anything to happen to p4l
i may nt have the mood for duno hw long if tis happen.
i love p4l !

Saturday, September 6, 2008 @ 11:49 PM

hmm after so long i guess those reader in my blog , wan some new post ba (:
im currently left about 1.8k LV to promote to Marketing Manager. YAYAY !
hmm end of job stuff (:

thanks to baobao, she's so sweet to change blogsong for me cos she listen mine until ear melt lol!
so cute la =\ but anyways thanks alot (:
though we miss the movie but i guess we have some fun on friday ba. haas.

my mind is in the mess -.-
duno wtf im tinking, y i keep tinking of u appearing in my mind =\
so weird la! it's been so long since tis happen.
i believe it will goes off after a few days ba. i hope =\
i noe it's impossible cos u will nt so easily forget...
so i wont tink so far ba, i guess im a nobody.
ohwell, i also dun tink i can be someone there for u ba.
u will nv tink of me or msg me first though =\
hmms, nvm im contended tis way (:
slaps meelo* wake up man !

end blog le tata`


Monday, September 1, 2008 @ 11:36 PM

went out with cousins today. Adora, Anthea Beata. we went to Kbox at JE (: dun need to talk much. pictures say it all. plus a vid. i think that's why i never really thought that i would be a singer. hmmm. had fun. LOADS AND LOADS AND LOADS OF FUN. been so long since i saw them.. ADORA GREW PRETTIER. :D (we can try competing for bhbness.)

i love my cousins. XD

here i am. acting cute/innocent. :Pwhy Anthea's hand so zun one? must just nice show off my handsome face (:
i'm a rocker. and. why you so extra? :D
Anthea's going "eewwwww. what smell is that? omg. smelly feet!!"
we are a happy cousin family. envious?
i know. i know i look DAMN good. thanks, thanks. Don't clap so loud leh, i'll paiseh! :D
show me da cousin love! (:
i think i almost suffocated stuck between smelly feets. D:that's why. buay tahan smell all start to fight alr. hai~~

and it all gets resolved when me and Adora kee siao...and starts singing My Anata. omggggg. I'm UTTERLY embarrassed. really. OMGGGGGGGG.


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