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Monday, October 27, 2008 @ 8:36 PM

Hi all readers.
im a person who change it tinking veri quickly.
so this post maybe jus my past few mins tinking.
i dun mean anything (:

recently i duno wtf is happening, seriously onli 1 question in my mind.
is blood bro jus a tittle ?
for me, i dun treat it jus a tittle. im nt going to put anything except family b4 p4l. wat abt de other p4l ? i wont go tink tat my bro is using me or wateva. if anything really happen, i will help or even side p4l first b4 anyone else de. even for company ppl. wat abt u all?

Ash, seriously wat makes u tink tat im nt fighting.
my fighting may nt be in presentation or training cos my learning ability is slower.
i fight in others way. i noe u may tink is over n im being affected by it.
frankly speaking, if i misunderstand u like tis.
how will u feel? i can tel u my feeling, it totally sux like hell man.
i nv ever expect u will tink tis way.
im so disappointed in u yet u wont even say a sorry or wat.
u jus tink it over den it over? u started it but u r nt going to be the one saying when to stop.
im nt trying to say wat. i noe ur good n serious in fighting for ur carrer.
i feel tat's good. u should noe tat i m a person tat feel situation the most.
i always feel tat in personal life, i can help u den u come to me.
now in work, i cant really help u den u dun need come to me or wat le.
wat is tis man ?
wat u share wif desmond abt u defying to ur parent, make me feel tat u also will do anything to defy me. haas im sure u wan to say im tinkin too much again.
mayb everything is my fault ba, i duno wat's tis shyt tat i cause.
sorry for nt showing u tat im fighting or even make u tink tat im jus tapping onto u.
yes im a serious problem wif myself right now.
i feel tat even beata is changing toward me.
i wonder y. i guess the problem jus lies in me n nt others ba.
i dun like to be mistaken, i tink everyone dun like it too.

how i feel, who will really understand.
as for my yanlong bm group itself.
thanks alot for ur helps, without u all i wont be a mm now.
i wil work hard to become a bm by next mth, at the same time gun down the car acheiver tittle, hopfully before my birthday. ur teaching is really good, i m really sorry to cause so much shyt to u. i duno wat im tinking right now, i hope everything will be back to normal.

ronald, dun worry i noe tis months itself.
u still cant show ur true power.
but i believe next mth is going to be a good beginning for u (:
stand strong. i dun wan u to be have tis tinking of me jus wanting to tap on ur commission.
n p4l really mus goes on.
im onli left wif p4l.
i hope to feel p4l is there.
cos i really cant feel it already.
im tired really.


Saturday, October 25, 2008 @ 9:28 PM


if u r finding a job do contact me at 90236151.
if u noe any fren tat need a job also can ask them contact me.
thanks alot ! no pranks.

Sunday, October 5, 2008 @ 8:39 AM

Hey (:
today going sentosa, meeting everyone at 10am at harbourfont mrt there.
wat fountain de. haas
my heart is really veri sad or should i say it's turn lazy already.
alot of unspoken words haven say out.
but no matter wat, p4l will stay strong.
jus nt tat strong as last time, frankly speaking, ash n ronald gt other fren.
for me, i dun have much fren left =\
mayb cos of tis, i wan more attention from those close blood bro (:
i noe now it's different cos we r working instead of outside playing.
ya n wat mr yanlong say it's true. like example of cheeyong n mr wenbin.
it's jus different ba. i nv mean any harm yet my word always hurt ppl.
sorry p4l, for my straightforwardness.
i dun ask for more now. i tink it nt easy anymore.
no more little secert, no more stuff to tok abt, no more everything.
for me, i will take a break. i find tat if tis carry on, it will affect me totally.

i noe we r working n i cant gib good advise in the company
u feel more comfortable toking wif mryanlong n mrwillies
wat abe me? uncomfortable?
i noe u nv get to have enough sleep everyday cos of tis business.
i also feel bad but i always say one ting, u can slp early but u wan to do ur personal stuff
so i also nv go carry on tat topic.
i jus wanna say if u cant control ur temper when u r sleepy cos u nv slp late
den do ur best to slp early.
sorry for everything, im a lazy p4l bro.
all the best in everything(:

i noe u always gib me advise on hw to solve my problem, u also wanna solve all the problem p4l have, but it's nt easy n i tink p4l also wanna hear ur problems.
dun tink tat u r adding problem to us, u should trust us n share more to us instead of hearing our problem onli. i wanna noe more abt u also(:
thanks for ur advise. i tink it's good.
all the best n join in the company faster (:

the onli constant is changing.
i do hope p4l change into closer to one another, feel comfortable with one another, play n work together wif one another. dun let tis Dis-ease make us really have tis disease (:
if tis problem is going on for too long, it will become disease.
k i love p4l but i tink all problem come from me ba,
i jus a person who wan to have the old feeling back of p4l.
or mayb last time i nv care tat much of tis feeling, cos p4l is the same like last time =\
no matter wat i m sorry.



Friday, October 3, 2008 @ 12:02 AM

yoz reader (:
miss my post rite?
ok here's 1 ;D
good new good new !!! weee.
i have promoted to MARKETING MANAGER ! ;DDD
finally , thanks to MR.Willies , last min thanks alot bro !
mr yanlong, i commit myself to train up 3 ME, ronald 1 ME , ash 2 ME
we will help u clear at least 24k PV de. tis is wat i aiming for.
at the same thing , clear 30k LV for my BM ;DD
it 1 step closer to my CAR ;DD
tata` takecare`

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