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Saturday, November 29, 2008 @ 12:04 AM

This post will be a naggy post. bare wif it, i jus find it's serious!

This is dam weird. Im feeling so unwanted.
By Frens,Bros,Whoever.
y isit like tis. i hate tis kinda feeling.
nvm dun tok abt it.

Yes bro, i know u wanna take a long break n u dun show ur saddness.
i know my words always stress u or attitude u.
sometimes i can see u realy wanna burst out alr.
everything start with a reason, i tink is cos of me ba.
i change when i started meeting someone.
i really dun wish to be having tis long break anymore.
seem like i gt no fren like tat.
i feel so useless cant even notice when ur sad.
i feel so useless i dun even understand u.
i feel so useless when tis mth nt really doing well.
i feel so useless when i cant even compare to him in ur heart.
i feel so useless in everything.
really mean tat im left with little frens?
p4l is nt the p4l anymore thanks to stress.
thanks to the good n bad changes.
i dun feel tat im a need to anyone anymore.
i will be going back company on sunday. i dun wan to stay on like tis.
i jus hope p4l can be more firm n im sure we dun like to lose.
i wont tee-down u again cos im teaching u hw to tee-up.
dam myself for nt respecting my bro.
sorry, but dun worry i know my attitude alr.
i will change de, as for u. i hope u can stand up again n fight.

still i wanna thanks rachel lol.
keep asking me go escape laughs*
at least i feel abit wanted with tat group of frens.
thanks uh (:

Ok, mayb onli i make new fren den gt tis feeling ba lol.
or isit me tat really change. im in a mist, duno which direction to go.
i really wanna see anyone can bring me out of the mist anot.
i m confuse tired stress up.
nth goes well alr.

There goes a naggy post (:

Thursday, November 20, 2008 @ 1:43 AM

This post is jus to write for my bro (:

mr yanlong,
wat is done cant be undone.
jus do wateva u can to make it more smoothly lol.
i nv blame u, i jus hope u really wont do it again.
i wont blog much abt it cos it nt wanted. i know
u cant promise anyone tis cos u been breaking it
but believe u can do it. the decison it all in ur hands.
ok alright i still be fighting in ve, do help me ba (:
though after tis incident i learn alot of thing.
company rules are really there to improve our org.
nt even 1 should be play around. i was wrong in the past to actually
wanted to break 1 of the rules. ohwell, lucky it stop.
thanks for tolerating all my nonesome n nv blame me at all
but jus keep giving me advise. i tink i nv rmb ur bad onli ur good.
every leader gt their own flaws.
jyjy i will change abt my straightforward part, u mus change also.
i believe u can do it.

i m sorry tat sometime im really straightforward n i always tok abt t-up yet i t-down u alot of time infront of ur ppl. i promise i will change, do tell me when u feel it wrong. i know i abit hot-temper but i will change ba. as for ur playfullness, i see tat ur changing but we still have lots of thing to learn! jyjy i believe we can do it.

i know ur busy with ur sch work, cant come to company.
i really hope u can find time come down or even jus bring 2 guy come down.
i duno wat happen to ur life suddenly.
p4l majiam left me n ronald alr.
where r u my dear bro.
i hope u really wont gib up ba, i noe ur family having some problem right now.
if need any help, do ask me. i find ways to help u. sorry tat im straightforward n make u tink tat im jus using u to earn money. dun have tis tinking k bro. i really will do anything for p4l (:

kk i tink tat's all ba (:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 @ 10:06 PM

I been veri stress in company lately. cos mr willies fighting car yet i nv help much till now. plus my side nt moving much. i tink is cos i nv do to my best ba. i wan train 6 ME, but till now, gt 0 lol
alright so i decide to take a break den tat will be today (:

went out wif cindy n dor to east coast.
we went to eat komala at first, it indian food i tink =\
den after tat we ride bicycle.
dor was the fastest in riding bicycle.
i nv really go compete with her but i know i win cindy. wahahah ! :D
we ride to jetty there n dor, cindy went to walk beside the sea. toking also.
den dor have to leave first cos her dad kp liao. so left me n cindy :D
we fetch down to return bike n carry on ride back to somewhere near jetty.
i rmb is no18 rocks. we sit there n listen to the sea. enjoying!
tok alot of thing (: tok until forget tat we overtime the bicycle so rush back to return.
we will late for 30 mins. thanks to the nice uncle tat dun charge us extra =\
after tat, we went to funland to play machine (:
hmm take bus 16 back to bunk again. during the bus trip, i feel so happy la :X
den reach bunk alr, went to buy her bunnie pink handfone strip den went home by mrt.
in mrt, keep play around lol. sorry tat i punch u too hard ah, u say wan try de :X
i sent her to her stops den i take mrt back to amk again
ohya, i rmb cindy say alot of biantai stuff :X keep point middle finger also LOL.
kk i tink tat's all alr (:


Tuesday, November 4, 2008 @ 8:53 AM

Hi, readers.
ytd ton at evans hse. ya i din expect to be there till 5.40+ am.
after tat went to eat breakfast with mr yanlong, ronald, ms yanru n meijuan at mac.
reach home abt 6-7am. forget the timing =\
ya wonder y m i nt sleeping rite? lol
cos my mum keep spam me msg. saying wan call police again.
i always believe one day she's going to call police herself to catch me.
i noe she's anxious abt me, scare i do wrong thing again den go into jail.
she duno hw to teach me, so she jus use all the mean word or even always threathen me.
i duno how to explain my feeling right now. it seem like nth is meaningful enough already.
im like quarreling wif both of the parent. my dad ask me to quit tis business cos i cant learn anything.. my mum keep being piss off over small thing n make it dam big. my life jus getting better n better in quarreling.
i wonder who will understand my feeling now, pls share how u face it.
i duno how to face it already, im like going to be crazy.
i see ronald's mum or even my gan mummy kolyn's mum.
so nice to their children de, communicate also nt a problem. y my parent ..
moodless la!


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