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Thursday, September 17, 2009 @ 1:44 PM

BEEN ROTTING AT HOME, reason cos no money $.$
dam, money has been a issue to me since i went army.
when the fk did i start spending so much money OHHHH MYYYYYYYYY!
i guess i need to work on my saving plan b4 i end up using up all my saving plan.
*pray* my mum nt even giving me a single cent le.
i cant possible keep take money from my dad also. sian !!!!!!!!!!!!!
dk wat to do. HELP ME AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~ anyone?
im jus bored (:

Friday, September 11, 2009 @ 1:12 AM

This post is just some thoughts that came through my mind.

There's alot of first time in our life, without first time i guess life wont be tat exciting anymore
e.g first time ride bicycle, first time r/s, first time patch back with ex, first time.. alot more. ya i did alot of first time in my life too.
well let me name some first time to u ppl (:
-first time bring someone to a restuarant
-first time french kiss yet nv naughty
-first time bring someone to eat ice-cream
-first time,.. alot more.
i cant tink of any other first. will update when i rmb anything else. there's alot more!

feeling is a veri magical thing, no matter wat tat person do, good or bad, ugly or handsome,tall or short, all these dun matter when u have feeling for tat person. feeling come n goes, may stay may nt. so grab every chances u get, dun regret later on. no matter hw good u be to someone, no feeling mean nth. even that person is a blockhead or jerk, have feeling still wins all. love is like bullshit, i seriously duno wat's love. it like getting further away from me, i guess i nt meant to be a lover? laughs* everytime i gonna fall inlove, things change. make me fking lose trust in love. hongster nv die, this term really really meaningful. well i jus hope 1 day i will see my princess too. amazing but true, i have been single for 2 years alr. it's like wow, up till now i still cant believe myself. Chris, u really single for 2 years i asked. haha(:

ytd is cyrus bday! (:
today is jia wei bday ! (:
woo HAPPY BDAY UH ! may ur wish come true. it's waste tat we nv have a cousin gathering uh cyrus. alright will have another chance. ha (:
later going out with jiawei, nic,bc. hope it's fun. (:

i seriously hate my face now, grow alot of pimple. or nt, they call it agnes or wat. dk hw to spell.
alot like cover my whole cheek. so zz! make me sian diao. go out face ppl also no confident le.
pray my face will recover n nv like tis again. *prays*

alright i gonna slp soon, tata`
nights all.

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