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Saturday, December 26, 2009 @ 3:04 PM

it was yesterday though, forgotten to blog about it.
i got my small small birthday party on 24th dec o9.
only a few people were invited. thanks alot and love them for coming(:
they were the sweetest thing, i felt happy.
well was quite a boring party, actually.
just chi-chatting with my Ns friends and drinking too!
laughs alot. thanks to penguin and skull-head bro!
must thanks to my lovely cousin and her bf, phill.
thanks mireen for coming and suprised me without telling me she brought present.
Last of all, thanks to Shiru the great for coming and her friends.
although jiawei and nic not able to make it but they came all the way down to my house to pass me my birthday present. really touched though, love you guys! it's a lovely mug, will use it to drink from now on (:
thanks skull head brother, calvin leow for buying me a bottle of chivas!
My cousin brought me a pair of boxing gloves, so cool! (: thanks anthea for the right boxing glove and thanks cyrus for the left boxing glove HA! that's was a cute idea though. OH and the green jacket too. make me look like a total boxer (:
thanks mireen for suprising me and gave me a nice top~ i got about 2-3 tops from you. woo :X
will be wearing it out to show u next time. the tibit's great (:
lastly thanks shiru the great for staying out late night to make this puzzle, just anyhow said i want a puzzle in my room. those sweets n choco is great too (:

loves, chris.

Sunday, December 6, 2009 @ 9:22 AM

Christmas's coming!
which is my bday, ohya! it's my bday, ohhhh, it's my bday~~ woo
cant wait for that day to come, seriously.
how i wish i was oversea during my bday. well right now im in Ns.
my parent promise me to bring me go oversea where places i wanna go during christmas after my Ns. well there's tonns of places i wanna go, im greedy :X
like japan, korean,hong kong, germany[see the world largest christmas tree]
haa alot more~
i have alot of thing i wan this year, santa u willing to give to me? santa pls (:
-gucci belt
-nice tops/btms
-alot of $$
-go back to the past
-alot more!
wahahah, im greedy ya!

right now, my mum's fren son is staying at my house last night. kinda fun. i let him watch 海派甜心. a dam nice show, u all should watch it too. i cant wait for the next espi. hmm, later going chruch with my mum as promise last week. go bring my sister to see if she enjoy over there. well i will blog more if can.

Chris, loves (:

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