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Monday, June 30, 2008 @ 10:24 AM

*wisper to diary* dun peep ! ;X
my heart really miss miss miss those old times , but i noe i cant be like last time le . cos ur boy wil get jealous all these . i noe u love him lots , plus he's swee la . hope we meet out soon lols (:
although i noe u will nt meet me tat often le . i hope u understand im really trying to change n understand u more . i jus wake up n keep tink abt the past , duno wat the fk i tinking also . zz !
baby , i hope u wont do silly thing jus to prove to him tat u really love him lots . im really going crazii for the first time ! no one else gt the power to make me become like tis . ahh ! my life is all messed up . tml i gt no lesson , see if u can meet me lols . i noe u dun wan him to jealous so u onli wil go out wif him , like last time . i hope my decison is right n he wil cherish u , if nt i really wont forgib him . i have no regret choosing u instead of fren n having u in my arms . like i say b4 in the past , even u in a r/s i also wil wait for u . i will be anything u wan me to be , n my promise wont be a lies . i once make u touched b4 , i trust tat i can make u again . i noe u stil concern for me , thanks doh .
all the best ! x33s

kk i come back from sch den post .

k back from sch , i seriously mean no harm -.- sorry tat i irritated u . i already say i dun ask u again le , so stop saying i demend it .
i already say i treat u like a close fren , believe it anot i cant help it . i noe im bhb , but i tok to u after we quarrel once , all i say de thing is getting more n more serious , i dun find myself bhb anymore . i mean no harm to make u n him ok ! dun fking mistaken me .
i morning call u all these nt cos i tink i gt chance hor , is i jus wanna be someone to be able to help u . i cant help much now so i help in morning calls all these . i jus wanna be someone around u to be able to help u , assist u when u needed . be ur listening ear if u feel like complaining onli . i dun even dare to hope for a chance cos i noe it wil hurt alot more ! i noe i make myself until like tis , i nv blame anyone b4 tat my siutation become like tis except for myself . i already say i dun mind being anything as long as i can help u . i gt no rights to say anything but pls understand hw i feel . i jus dun wan u to be treating me like a stranger , u say u treat me like a close fren but yet i find it , we r worst den a stranger . hope u understand n dun mistaken me already . i noe he's a good guy n he treat u well wif alot of suprise .
but if 1 day , he hurt u . den pls dun blame me for being nasty . i can be nasty too , not onli u . sorry to waste ur time on changing my mind n making ur mood spoil . really sorry . i wont stop u from doing anything u wan to do already from now onward . jiayou kolyn in everything n may u last foreva wif him . sorry for causing u so much trouble n stress . takecare all the best to ur everything in life . thanks alot


Sunday, June 29, 2008 @ 9:31 PM

hello all (:
today early in the morning , my mum call me at 8.3oam , to prepare fork n spoon for the breakfast -.- after i prepare already , i went to bath .
i eat finish , went out around 9.05 am . i msg baby n morning call her to wake up .
i reach her house around 10.20+ am wif 2 little baby hamster (:
although the hamster was wet n smelly , but stil cute la ;X tahan abit la baby .
do take care of them pls , thanks (:
silent , daniel , larry , mattew , yihui n bingfu all came to lan .
daniel went to work at 3.30pm n mattew went to work at 6 plus i tink .
the remaining of us , smoke , chat , slack , joke abt yihui LOL .
we keep di sia0x yihui , she tot bingfu wil help her , in de end he came also di sia0x her ;X
wahaha . funny la today . silent , larry n me went to take cab ar 8.40pm .
im late for 5 mins lols . poor silent have to spend more on cab fare ><
sorry bro ! but i jus cant bare to leave tat place actually . laughs*
k reach home den post tis (:
home swee home x33s

a little secert of myself (: wanted to buy ... in de end i have no right to buy so nv buy le -.-
ahya nvm , i really hope i dun cause anymore trouble for u . zz ! i feel bad to ruin ur happiness but i feel jealous too -.- wtf i tinking , i duno lols . i jus wanna cherish u . seriously la, i see alot of gal but i jus dun seem to find them pretty or attractive . zzz ! i dun mind being anything as long as im by ur side to help u . even if u marriage already, i also wanna be a close fren to u will do .
i duno la , i wont allow anyone to bully u de . i hope he wil cherish u . zzz ! but i noe u also wont wan me to do anything toward him even if he hurt u cos u too concern for ppl le . nvm (:
tat wat make u a nice person sometime lols ! i onli find u cute n attractive , other gal all cmi -.-
i jus going to turn gay i guess . laughs* ! takecare bah

end blog

Saturday, June 28, 2008 @ 9:24 PM

Today is a fine day (:
meet out wif silent to find my cousin at eunos .
take something from her , chat awhile den when to meet ash at bunk .
saw dor , cindeh , corin , latte there (:
after tat homies's group come n we went to parklane play pool .
latte followed us , ash n silent teach her hw to play pool lols !
after tat we play till 7 plus , all close table .
ash , silent n me went to eat . the rest went home .
i went home after eating finish (:
tiring day ><
end blog

@ 2:13 PM

nb turtle , so many quiz to do ! i swear i feel like biting u baby (: pretty pls ?

heres goes the quiz -.-
A] People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs & replace any questions that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves .
B] Tag 5 people to do this quiz & those who are tagged cannot refuse . These people must state who they were tagged by & cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by . Continue this game by sending it to other people .

TAGGED BY : Kolyn Lim Yu Zhen{baby}
{1} If you could migrate to other countries . which country would it be ?
japan , aus (:
{2} If you can have a dream come true , what would it be ?
to be sucuessful in life wif a lovely wife (:
{3} What type of girls are you attracted to ?
cute , long hair , noe hw to make them more pretty n i see her onli wil smile de (:
{4} what is your favourite deserts ?
all i like la , greedy ;x
{5} Would you rather have 2 close friends or guys around you ?
close fren , r/s is stressful .
{6} Current favourite song ?
Here without you.
{7} Ever encountered the supernatural ?
wat the fk is tat ? stupid quiz !
{8} How far would you go for a friend ?
As far as tat fren wan. rofl , actually i duno wat the question mean -.-
{9} Is there anything what made you unhappy these days ?
Yes alot , i wanna complain (:
{10} Are you in love or being love now ?
in love. blah~
{11} Do you dislike anyone at the momment .
i tink so -.-
{12} Do you like yourself ?
yes . i love myself alot alot ! muacks muacks (:
{13} What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is ?
cute , silly action gal n always shoot me -.-
{14} Do you gossip about your friends .
{15} What's the best thing that has happened to yourself so far ?
personal (:
{16} Are you worried about anything ?
yes but nt everything is in my control -.-
{17} What are your hobbies ?
blog , msn .
{18} What type of friends do you like ?
dun betray de !
{19} What do you plan to do now ?
plan to finish quiz b4 going out -.- si baby !
{20} What type of movie do you enjoy the most ?
all movie tat i enjoy (:

The 5 people to do this are ..

Qns : The person who tagged you is?
Ans : Kolyn Lim yu zhen .
Qns : What's your relationship with him/her ?
Ans : Close Fren
Qns : Your 5 impression of him/her ?
Ans : cute , mature , silly , bully , attractive .
Qns : The most memorable thing he/she has done for you ?
Ans : When i complaining abt something , she bought me tissue n panadol (:
Qns : If he/she becomes your lover , you will... ?
Ans : i wil love her til de end , i do hope i dun make the same mistake -.-
Qns : If he/she becomes your lover , things he/she has to improve on ?
Ans : nth , she is perfect jus the way she is .
Qns : If he/she becomes your enemy , the reason will be ?
Ans : dun tink so -.-
Qns : The most desirable thing you want to do for him/her now is ?
Ans : it's beyong my control (: so no point ansing
Qns : Your overall impression on him/her ?
Ans : She is so attractive ;x
Qns : How do you think people around you feel about you ?
Ans : how the fk i noe ? u ask them la -.-
Qns : The character you love of yourself are ?
Ans : stubborness (:
Qns : On the contrary , the character you hate yourself are ..?
Ans : lazy n wont cherish thing . zz
Qns : The most ideal person you want to be is ?
Ans : dun be lazy n cherish thing !
Qns : For the people who care & like you , say something about them .
Ans : thanks for the concern , i wil change myself (:

Qns : pass the quiz to 10 people .
1. Silent
2. Ash
3. Fate
4. Larry
5. Dor
6. Cindeh
7. Mushroom
8. Latte
9. Yihui
10. Beata

Qns : who is number 6 having relationship with ?
Ans : DKRM .
Qns : is 9 a male of female ?
Ans : female (:
Qns : If 7 &10 are together , will it be a good thing ?
Ans : i dun tink so
Qns : How about 5 & 8 ?
Ans : i dun tink so
Qns : What's number 2 studying about ?
Ans : Poly course
Qns : When was the last time you chatted with number 3 ?
Ans : a few days ago
Qns : Is number 4 single ?
Ans : yeahs
Qns : Talk something casually about number 1 .
Ans : he's my bro (:

Name 20 people whom you can think of right now . Don't read the questions till you've named 20 people . At the end of this , choose 5 people to do this (:

2.Silent bro
3.Ash bro
10.Kolyn baby
13.Wan kin

-How did you meet 14 ? ;Bobbie
In bunk.
-What would you do if you've never met 1 ;Beata
i tink sure meet , cos she's my cousin (:
-What if 9 & 20 dated ? ;Jeremy , Gillian
dun tink so
-Will 16 & 17 date ? ; Jonas , Dzq
mayb ;X 16 can act gay .
-Decribe 3 ; Ash
a bro of mine tat i cherish (:
-Describe 7 ; Dor
she's my weird face (:
-Do you know any of 12's family member ? ; Dreamiie
i duno anyone lols .
-What would you do if 18 confess to you that he/she likes you ? ; Jason
wow , tat wil be a suprise .
-Who is 9 going out with ? ;Jeremy
hw the fk i noe ? ask him lols .
-when was the last time you talk to 13 ? ; Wan kin
i tink ytd in msn .
-Who is 2's favourite singer ? ; Silent
ers , silent ur favourite singer is ?
-Would you ever date 4 ? ; Fate
NO !
-Would you ever date 1 ? ; Beata
we're cousin(:
-Is 19 single ? ; Jay
nt sure single anot ,he kinda hongster ;X
-Would you ever be in relationship with 11 ? ; Yihui
-School of 3 . ; Ash
In Temasek Poly .
-Where does 6 live ? ; Cindeh
woodland .
-What is your favourite thing of 5 ? ; Latte
lent me good listening ear when she ownself gt the same problem ):
-Have you ever seen 10 naked ?
nt ur prob (: dun KAYPO !

Do This Quiz Silent, Ash, Larry, Dor , Mushroom

woah ! im done -.-
tired tired !


@ 1:41 AM

01. What's more important? Money Or Love?
Love. though im not ready!
02. Do you ever turn you cell phone off?
ya , sometimes when no battery.
03. What happened at 10.00am today?
I was in school.
04. When did you last cry?
personal (:
5. What is your favourite thing to eat with peanut butter?
probably bread or biscuit?
06. What do you want in your life right now?
Early discharge ! her to be happy always .
07. Do you carry an umbrella when it rains, or just put up your hood?
i rarely bring umbrella nor hood
08. What is your favourite thing to have on your bed?
Pillows n blankie.
09. What bottom are you wearing now?
Red top n Spongbob Boxer (:
10. What is the nicest text in your inbox say?
personal (:
11. Do you tend to make a relationship complicated?
No. Simplicity is the best :D
12. Are you wearing anything you borrowed from someone?
13. What was the last movie you caught?
shutter . same movie as her ;o
14. What are you proud of?
proud tat i gt p4l ! ;D
15. What does the oldest text message in your inbox say?
long msg nite from baby (:
16. If you have a chance to migrate where will you migrate to?
anywhere other den singapore.
17. Do you have any nicknames?
18. What does your last received text message say?
Internet lah . kuku . Pekchek . Call me bah .
19. What time did you go to bed last night?
3 plus .
20. Are you currently happy?
veri happy (:
21. Who gives you best advice?
p4l n yihui
22. Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?
23. Who did you talk to on phone last night?
no one.
24. Is anything bugging you right now?
nth , jus feeling scare.
25. What/who was the last thing/person to make you laugh?
nth chattin on fone make me laugh quite abit.
26. Do you wear toe socks?
27. Who was the last person you missed a call from?
KolynBaby i guess .
28. Have you ever had your heartbroken?
Yeah. quite alot of times.
29. What annoys you most in a person?
Suddenly change of attitude.
30. Do you have a crush on anyone?
31. Have you ever done cocaine?
wat's that -.- duno
32. What is the colour of your room?
33. Would you kill someone you hate for a billion dollar?
i dun tink so , i wil keep the money for myself (:
34. Do you believe in the saying “talk is cheap”?
kinda cheap . who also can tok -.-
35. Who was the last person to lie in your bed?
personal (:
36. Who was the last person to hug you?
personal (:
37. Did anyone see the last person you kissed?
quite a few i tink -.-
38. Do you have a life?
i dun tink so.
39. Have you ever think someone died, when they really didnt?
i dun tink tis way.
40. What is the reason behind your profile song?
it wat i mean (:
41. Who was the last person you saw in your dream?
forget la .
42. Last time you smiled?
Right now (:
43. Have you changed this year?
ya. i tink so
44. What are you listening right now?

45. Are you talking to someone when you doing this?
46. Do you walk with your eyes open or closed?
Open . stupid quiz -.-
47. Is there a quote you live by?
nth is impossible .
48. Do you want someone you cant have?
yes -.-
49. Have you ever played an instrument?
50. What was the worst idea you have had in this week?
duno. quarrel wif someone i love most ?
51. What were you doing last night at 11.00pm?
forget already la -.- u tink i god ah
52. Are you happy with your love life right now?
Hai hao .
53. What song best describe your love life?
Here Without You
54. Does the person know that you like him/her?
she noe but ... (:
55. Who always make you laugh?
Ppl around me (:
56. Do you speak other language other than English?
of cos , im smart !
57. Favourite website?
58. What your middle name?
personal (:
59. What are you doing tomorrow?
Go eunos meet my cousin n chat (: she rawks !
60. What do you think you are like?
61. Who will you choose to die with?
Anyone .
62. Where have you been today?
63. What game do you play often?
Audition, dota.
64. Who are you missing right now?
65. If you have to choose between friend n loves, who will you choose?
duno depends.
66. What are you doing right now?
Doing tis dumb quiz.
67. Which primary school are you from?
SengKang Primary, Jiemin Primary
68. Name 3 colours that you like?
Red , Sky blue , Black
69. What emotion you like to show?
Any emotion i can show.
70. What is your life to you?
Jus a life.
71. If you have something troubling you, what will you do?
Find a way to solve it .
72. Who did you last chat in msn today?
Ash . p4l huat !
73. Who you admire most?
personal (:
74. Which month are you born in?
Dec BABY ! ;D
75. How are you feeling right now?
Happy n bored of the quiz .
76. What is the time now?
77. Where are you now?
My room.
78. What colour did you use to dye hair?
Goldish yellow . Copper Red .
79. What is the highest alcoholic percentage you have had consume?
On the rock , 5o % , china white wine , also 5o%
80. What do you do when you are moody?
Play dota.
81. At which age you wish to get marry?
Duno wan get married anot .
82. Who is more important to you? Girlfriend or friends?
Depends hw much i love them. for now , frens .
83. Do you think you have enough confident?
i tink so , i kinda bhb ;x
84. Who is the person you trust the most?
p4L. we tok abt everything
85. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after a rain?
86. If you have a dream come true, what would it be?
Be a sucessful person n earn alot of $ .
87. What is your goal for this year?
Pass my course.
88. Do you believe in eternity love?
I kinda believe cos i stil hold on to it .
89. What feeling do you love most?
Being wif her , seeing her silly action ><
90. Do you really think its Global Warming now?
i duno.
91. What feeling you hate the most?
kena played around .
92. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
nt all i guess
93. Do you believe in god?
Ya. i tink so -.-
94. Who cares for you most?
Parents n p4l .
95. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Family n ... (:
96. What will you bring when you fight?
Last time i wil bring pocket knife . now jus myself .
97. What have you done regretted doing in your whole life?
nv cherish -.-
98. What would you feel that everyone no longer cares for you?
lonely , sad , may go emo n dun tok much for weeks .
99. What if your stead two-timed you?
Break . depends .
100.What will you do if you lie to your friend?
Nth to hide (:

Instructions:Remove 1 question from the above add in your own personal question, and bold it.Next list 8 people whom you would want them to do this, at the end of the post.Notify them in their tag box that he/she has been tagged.

1 . Silent
2 . Ash
3 . Dor
4 . Long leg
5 . Latte
6 . Cindeh
7 . Wan kin
8 . Yihui

Friday, June 27, 2008 @ 5:12 PM

today was a unlucky day bah i guess -.-
i wake up suddenly n i take my fone to look at the time cos i cant really get into slp , scare cant morning call -.- i saw the time is 4.44am . tat wat my 1st day in prison room de number 444 -.-
fking unlucky la . so suddenly i duno hw i went to slp again , but i jus jump up from bed after the alarm sound at 6.3oam. after i cant get into slp le , i on com to rot n den till 7.3oam i go prepare go sch . after sch i rmb i gt appointment wif probation officer at 1 pm , so i take bus home den take another bus to SLF buliding but halfway there , my probation officer call say change the appointment to next week same timing , jus tel me 15 mins eariler . zzz i already half way there .
waste time sia , the weather fking hot . hais -.- after tat went home till now , rot rot rot -.-

ok today wil be the day , me n mushroom as gans long leg n fat leg -.-
27o6o8 !! may we be as gan for a long long time (:

i guess i nv love the wrong person , i seriously nv feel nt worth le . sometimes i even felt veri happy waiting -.- guess yaomin say {waiting is a bless} kinda right bah . i jus now saw wat she type for her didi in friendster, find out tat she's mature . mayb yihui is right , she finally noe wat she really wan , tat y she go for it . i lose her , cant blame anyone but myself . i nv cherish her when she is with me . wat to do ? jiayous in ur studies bah , i do hope u wont retain tis year. if anything u duno abt fotoshop , i can help if i noe hw. cherish mattew bah , i wont forgib u if u dun.
i onli treat u like a close fren , wether u gt treat me tat way anot , nt impt . i wil be there for u if need me , my fone is open for u 24/7 . all the best !

end blog


Thursday, June 26, 2008 @ 11:33 PM

today went out wif silent n ash cos i gt no sch .
we play pool , eat , slack , see them smoke { quit smoking la -.-} n i went home by cab again -.-
i been spending quite alot of $ tis 2-3 days lols .
i guess i have to save too . dun wan spend too much .
silent , enjoy wat i have sent u ;O
takecare of ur bloody leg , or i wil make it worst lols !
ash , silly boy keep finding excuse to make urself feel happy .
jus do wat ur heart really wan la , but seriously i dun tink u should risk a 5 years friendship { wif a gal somemore ! } no matter wat i wil support u de (:

dor ; weird face (: lets meet out soon bah , last long wif ur boy .
anything can tel me although i may nt be helpful but i dun tink im useless bah .
weird face all the way o7o7o7 !
takecare .

i guess if i knew the situation eariler , i tink i wil nt go meet p4l bah .
dun emo le , cheer up (:
i actually wanted suprise u on sunday , in de end i tel u again -.-
see u on sunday , for awhile is alright le (:
dun sad le bah , best fren baby (:


Wednesday, June 25, 2008 @ 11:06 PM

k thanks yihui for advising me , some of the thing u say i already know le .
i dun wan to ruin her happiness also . dun worry, i wil leave her de .
dun wan her to feel bad . im glad i gt memories . i wil keep it in my heart .
last long !

xMEElo is proudly to announce im staying single for a long time ! {happy}
im going to cherish all those frens , bros , gans tat i nv cherish for the past time !
i finally tink through , i will learn tis mistake i done n wil nt do it again .
thanks alot , i duno if i can pass u the fotoshop anot .

ash ; dun emo le , dun worry . someday she wil be touched by u de . if u believe in it , jus carry on
since u already waited for 5 years ! although nt counted waited la , but ur feeling increase alot for her within tis 5 years . i wil support u all the way de , tis world always wont go the way u wan it to be , tis is life , jus accept it bah (: bros all the way x33s !

silent ; thanks alot for all the advise n pei me all the way when i feel down n happy , i seriously wil cherish u de ! no matter wat , i wil support u de . thanks for the $4 dollar today . it mean alot to me . bros all the way x33s !

p4L all the way !
end blog

@ 8:54 PM

okok heres the ans for the exam (:
cindeh gt 1oo marks lols . grats clever baobao (:
baby gt 5o marks . nt bad uh (:

ok went to meet silent n ash eat dinner at farrer park. take cab home cos silent sponser me 4$ jus to spend more time wif me , thanks alot . it mean alot to me lols . i enjoy today seriously !! ;D we p4l dun cos of gal emo-ing bah. nt worth it de , we should tok more abt ourselve lols . anyway in cab , i tink alot of thing . i guess i wil be doing something other den wait wait wait for miracle to happen . jiayou ash , silent n me ! p4l all the way x33s .

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 @ 5:43 PM

ok lets do some hardcore exam ;X
if reader can do tis question within 1 min.
pls tag me the ans thanks .
i wil be posting the ans for tis exam tml (:
so stay tune uh reader !
do ans thanks thanks (:

@ 1:00 AM

happy 4 mths baby !! x33s
baby all the way , nth can change us (:
seem like today u wil be meeting mattew at ur hse , dun tink can meet u le .
study hard bah ! jiayous (:
spare sometime to meet me if possible .

later i meeting silent after i wake up i wil go prepare le. silent's toes vein burst , wtf rite !
i going to pei him go see doctor also or mayb jus eat breakfast together .
den after i going sch le . kk takecare bro , bro 4eva , gal wateva !

Monday, June 23, 2008 @ 8:49 AM

wtf la , i cant get into slp again -.-
i have tis nightmare omg! is freaky la . hais -.-
later den edit post again .
reader pls read my blog again lols , nt jus once per day (:

sry yihui for mistaken u cos u always di sia0x her ma ><
no offence , forgib me thanks (:
last long wif ur boy .

let me do some quiz lols .

1. What do you want most now?
be back wif her .
2. Where will you go if someone sponsers you a tour tic?
Japan (:
3. Whats your fav thing(s) to do?
Sleep,dota,spend more time wif her.
4. Do you think money can buy happiness?
nt for me i tink , but no money sure die .
5. If you have one dream to come through what would it be?
to be a better guy toward her view .
6.Do you believe you can survive without $$?
i dun tink so !
7.Do you think theres such thing called 'LOVE'? Reason?
Yes , there is so many couple around me .
8.Define Love.
9.What do you dream of doing in the future?
Be sucessful in any computer stuff.
10.List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you this.
Useless , lazy , irritating
11. Craziest thing you've ever done?
laugh out loud in public
12.What kind of person do you hate the most?
Hypocrites,Liars,Betrayer and Using ppl to get wat they wan.

13.Where do you see yourself 10 years down the road?
Enjoying life n dun fret for money
14.What makes the world go round?
15.Whats the most impt thing in your life?
Family,Studies and her
16.What i wished for?
be back wif her
17.If you're able to change your life, what would you change?
i wil change all the unhappiness to happiness
18.The love of your life now?
enjoying her life wif others.
19.Are you courageous enough to tell the person you like him/her?
20.What do you regret most in life?
Not cherishing things and moments.

i guess p4L is the onli group left in my life.

no matter wat i wont wan tis group to leave my life .

p4L all the way !

i believe we wil go on foreva !

blood bro 4eva . meet out soon(:



Sunday, June 22, 2008 @ 8:11 PM

hello all (:
today rot at home , i wake up at 3.30pm . wow so early haas .
4.10pm ahma came , i open door for her n eat lunch together
tat my first meal bah ;X
after tat around 7 plus eat dinner , im bloated wif food -.-
eat finish dinner , i went to wash all the plate lols . m i guai ? laughs*
i watch 我和僵尸有个约会1 until gt 1 part , when a demon gal waited for his lover for 800 years.
amazed by it lols . tat make me feel so ento{duno hw to spell} in waiting for her .
a demon gal can cos of a normal human guy n tat guy is useless jus hurt the demon gal onli .
but stil the demon gal can wait for him 800 years till she's dead .
i veri pei fu tat demon lols .
gt another part i like it alot too , it's romantic !
here it's goes , 2 person watching the dark black sky , suddenly it's snow
waaa seeing n enjoying snow together , so romantic can .
hw i wish i can see snow wif my love ones .
ok enuff of the show ~ wan watch go watch it (: it nice !

baby a million thanks for spending some time of ur day to do my blog .
u read my blog post all red until sian le ? lols !
okok i change to colourful .i guess i can make it colourful bah .
the blogskin u choose really kinda suit me bah . rofl
thanks thanks thanks x33s !

who the fk tag baby's blog as HUBBY lols .
so bo liaos sia -.- making everyone mistaken , u like it uh ?
i hate troublemarker n i cant stand it when he wan baby life to be upside down -.-
no one can spoil baby happiness lols.
i wont let go tat person if i noe who tat hubby is .
i tink i roughly guess dao tat person is who le bah ;x
seem like pranking is fun to tat person lols .
kk complain enuff !

@ 6:01 PM

alrighty , i want to copy yihui liaos ;D i helped edit this blogskin so i must reward myself by posting here . lalalalas`

thanks me lah hor xDD ~!

& please change font colour leiis ~ everything in red . damn sian one sials .
kuku head . LALALALALALAS`


Saturday, June 21, 2008 @ 10:01 AM

hello (:
sibei sian , keep kena wake up by my mum .
i do my project till 3 plus ytd den today my mum ask me wake up eat dinner den go slp 9am .
den i eat finish le , she ask me go sweep outside de leaf all these , im a good boy of cos go sweep for her lols , den after tat i went in the room n sit on the chair awhile , she come in n ask me change my bed sheet -.- alright im blogging n changing bed sheet .
silly me , i duno which one is the bed sheet lols !
guess today i wil be rotting at home doing house work -.-
nights den update post , if there is anything to update (:

siala , 11 am plus went to prepare n meet silent ,don , des , brian i tink to oppsite parkway there de pool n lan . we went to eat there de bian mian , cos silent say it veri nice. ya indeed is yummy lols ! ohya when i go into the bus , i found out my ezlink no $ already n i gt no coin -.-
lucky gt a nice lady gib me 55cent lol ! thanks lady ~ ;DD
i went to little india n meet them already , take bus to roxy square .
play pool finish den brian n des wanna cut hair .
don n me waited until fall aslp in the shop .
it super long la ! wtf -.-
after cut hair we went to play lan lols .
1 game kena own , 2nd game own them back ;p
abt 8 plus i take taxi home lols .
passby wawa's lan shop , i keep looking at tat direction .
silent say i nv really smile if i nv go out wif her , hmm isit like tat ?
i tink i mus change le , but i really cant find any reason to smile .
today was a funny day n i enjoy it (:
thanks guy for pei-ing me today, mayb we can meet out more soon (:

i hope we can celebrate every 24th together .
end blog



@ 1:51 AM

hello all (:
today wake up went to sch , come back home , eat dinner , wash plate blahblah .
like no life sia , everyday same thing same thing .
but i been a good boy always wash plate lols .
those plate so oily . zz !
nvm i kinda enjoy it already , like im doing something for my house instead of nth .
i watching 我和僵尸有个约会1.
so long de old show le , like i primary sch watch de , haas .
old show but stil veri nice , last time miss out de show all watching back le lols .
3 days more till me n baby de 4 mths !
i tink we wont be meeting tat day bah .
nvm as long as those memories r in my heart , is enuff .
im starting to get the hang out of it , it been alot of days since i see baby le .
i stil miss her .
alright end blog bah

Thursday, June 19, 2008 @ 11:50 PM

i noe wat i do or say something really over but is all jus my anger words .
yes i treat u more den a fren , it's been like tis for more den 4 mths le . wat to do ?
i nv disturb auntie already , cos i noe u wil feel more irritated .
everything tat related to u , is imporatant to me .
yes my feeling for u till now haven faded yet .
yes im hurting myself stupidly .
yes i rmb all the days u n him meet .
yes i tink alot of stupid stuff tat make u irritated .
of cos u wil wan me to let go , i also wanna let go but i cant ! i duno y , u tink i like it tis way ?
almost every fren of mine last time , say im a idiot a fool at the start of tis 'r/s' .
i dun care wat they say .
i wil tink wat to say de , but all along i noe u , i been asking stupid question wat ?
ya now u r in a r/s , jus carry on wif ur life bah .
close boy de fren is jus a name , i tink u wont meet me for a period of time bah ,
seem like u duno hw to face me .
i noe im irritating but dun worry , i wont bother u anymore .
after u read tis post , jus be happy always bah .
i wont wanna irritated u again .

@ 9:04 AM

eh hello reader (:
look at the time , gosh ! i kena waken up by my mum to do 2 things , close the backdoor downstair n take baby sis de bed outside to let sun shine on it lols .
make me cant slp anymore , everytime i open my eye , i tot like last time , i wil go prepare n meet her but in de end i found out im now so went back to the room again -.-
now i tink abt it, from the start i been giving u alot of problem , nt onli u lose ur fren , i lose mine too . hw can a person like me bring u happiness ? i jus bring u more stress onli . all our hang out place is onli lan shop n ur hse, it's like no one wil noe abt us like tat . u been going out wif him everyday , it's like going out wif me is a disgrace like tat , laughs* . im tinking too much

i take from larry gay de , i like it doh (:
trust is a strong word
true to our relationship,
in hopes it will never rust
immortalise our love,
in hopes it will never die
to you i may be your whatever,
but to me you are my angel,
if there is no you,there will be no us.

k later i wil update again .

updating ...

nth much , jus play pool den saw spartan lols .

den we end our table already , clement ask ash wanna play anot .

den htp ask me wanna play anot .

den haigui ask silent wanna play anot .

den we p4l play 2 game per person haas .

after tat i around 7.4o plus went to take bus home .

end blog`


@ 1:38 AM

hello all (:
nth much i can write bah , it's like no life lols .
it's after 12am , today meeting kenshin , silent , ash n duno who bah .
plan go parklane play pool den duno go where le .
i seriously duno hw im feeling right now bah , mayb if everyday she meet him , of cos her feeling for him wil increase n nt fade . plus jus 1 week she decide to patch back wif him , consider her feeling for him stil remain in her heart all along bah .
im seriously numb , duno wat im feeling already . i noe all these wil come to an end but i dun wanna end . i hope i really can be a good close boy de fren to u but i really cant feel tat u wan it to be tat way lols , it's like duno hw to explain bah .
ur heart now onli mattew , im confuse n tired . seriously a gal can forget a 4 mths veri close de frenship in a week? lols . although i cant compare , but i dun understand hw u forget everything so fast ? mayb cos u decide to be tiongxim n stop tinking abt other boy , if nt unfair to mattew bah . haas , kla i complain enuff le .
ok let me tell u all something , all those noe me from the start at bunk till now de bunker or frens , all dun believe i so tx lols ! plus they all wondering who's the gal so attractive tat lock me in tis love trap haas . ya i wondering too , y m i like tis ? i nv been like tis b4 .
no matter , now not important le .
end blog


Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 7:40 PM

hello readers (:
went home straight after sch , guai hor ;x
rotting infront of the com , duno wat to do . been hearing complain tat my com volume is too high in the midnight lols . i wil lower it down de ;x
sorry da gu ma x33s
i swear she is the onli 1 i felt the care most for me in the whole hse .
she even knew tat im moody n ask me why lols !
thanks for ur advise !!

i always from the start thought tat i found wat's missing in my life ? yes . i found it but i took it for granted , im always tis kind of person who wont cherish things . shyt myself !
i hate it when i dun ! anyways , baby takecare of urself , if tml stil carry on like tis , pls go consult a doctor . dun let the situation get worst . i noe u can nv treat me the way like u use too treat me n u wil act differently in different ppl view . no matter wat , i dun wan others to tink im the 3rd party . i onli wanna be ur fren , even u in a r/s , tat dun mean u cant have a close boy de fren wat . i all along wish for a gal de veri close fren den to have a gal in a r/s . so i hope i can be ur close boy de fren lols (:

let me tel a joke to the world ;X
im currently findin 32 c de gal . any intro ? rofl ;X
jkjk .

end blog !

@ 10:15 AM

hello readers .
i dun wanna add trouble for her .
today is the 2nd day they in a r/s .
my feeling for her really really cant be control already .
i been tinking of her day n night .
but i dun wan to be a 3rd party .
n seriously since mattew n her truely love each .
that's the most important thing bah .
i seriously regret i nv cherish her better ,
if i gt a chance again , i wont let go tis time.
ahhhh! i going crazii anytime .
i miss her TT i really do .
i dun wanna hide it lols . no point
after the 1st day she meet back him , things change for sure lols.
wat's mine is mine , nth can take it from me de.
ya mayb my love for her cant make her change her mind bah.
lousy de love of mine !
seeing her enjoying her life everyday im happy for her.
k im happy enuff like tis (:
forgetting in progress

Monday, June 16, 2008 @ 10:03 PM

hello reades (:
my life is back to those days where i rot at home , no go out de -.-
ok i been helping to do some housework lols , so guai ;X
seriously rot at home , i tink alot . so onli do some housework wil help bah .
my step dad stil the same , nv change . always mistaken wat i mean . zz
my mum at least i feel tat she is care for me bah
thanks mummy x33s !
today went sch , den go home after sch .
ytd some officer came to my hse at 10.30pm , but my house de door bell too soft , i at 2nd floor cant hear it -.-
shyt i tink they tink im nt at home , tis is going to be hard to explain le zz !
nvm im home so no matter wat i wil def myself de .
i really really miss those times when im around u , ahhhh ! wat i writing lol ;X
kk stop tat topic -.-
ok tis thursday mayb catching a movie bah ,
i hope u can turn up too (:
now i tink of it , dota compare to her , of cos i wil choose her la -.-
but it's too late haas . her heart duno stil gt me anot .
i onli believe she noe wat's the one she wan ,
i onli wan to see u happy , she grab her happiness
i should be happy for her lols .
see u on thursday if possible .
fk off <3
end blog

@ 11:22 AM

hello myself (:
i seriously duno wat im tinking , but i wont gib up .
if she tink im nt the right guy for her , den i mus change myself .
whole night i been tinking , wat's wrong wif me ?
feel like crying yet no tear out . feeling veri numb i guess .
after everything ended i told myself , nt to emo !
cos my real intention is my baby happy , im happy too .
promise is jus a word bah , but i believe my promise for her wil last till my bday as i say so .
i really really found out tat she is so important to me tat tis time in my life
my heart seriously gt the feeling of cracking , nt pumping , jus die .
y m i lie-ing to myself tat im happy . mayb jus cos she is so important to me tat i jus wanna be by her side to takecare of her n feed her medi , if she wanted it now .
im jus so useless tat i tot we wil last foreva , n nv cherish u much .
in de end i was wrong totally , but tat wrong wont cause u tat hurt to feeling faded bah .
i noe mattew is seriously a good guy , a flirter to tiongxim cos of u , u like tat feeling .
someone who can pamper u but nt too much , alot more ...
wish u 2 last long bah . happy always .

baby no matter hw much hurt u created to me , no matter wat my heart for u is true .
n from the start i noe u , u already gib me alot of different kind of feeling le .
if i can stand strong last time , i wil too for tis time , although i noe tis time wont be the same as last time de cos u 2 already stead
i dun mind bah , i jus wanna be by ur side if u need me , tat enuff le x33s

Sunday, June 15, 2008 @ 9:11 PM

i duno wat to post , so tis post onli for KOLYN baby .

baby , last long wif ur boy (:
so fast u make a decison , seem like he really impt to u bah .
u feeling down or wat , i wil come find u no matter wat de , i promise .
wish u happy always
i respect ur decison .
im happy for u , seriously (:
if can , i wil walk u to lan whenever i can bah .
baby all the way x33s

Saturday, June 14, 2008 @ 9:01 PM

hello reader (:
seem like today my emotion can be really control . laughs*
feel so sad yet my heart is so numb to drop a tear already .

after i noe tat mattew after break till now nv find a gal ,i believe he can gib baby happiness bah
seem like baby also veri happy to be wif him , always wait for his reply , look at the door n see if he has come .
ya auntie is right , if u r reading den let me ask u something auntie , can u be my gan-mummy lols . like wat i say jus now , i feel home lols . if u dun wan , is fine too ;D auntie , u r right.
boy wont be tiongxim to a gal foreva de bah , i wan tiongxim also cant la , if everytime i meet her 1 day per week , tis kind of situation happen , u tel me hw to tahan , hw to tiongxim ?
after i noe abt mattew story , i seriously cant compare but he really is a good guy bah .
if baby patch back wif him , i also fan xin .

baby pls treat him well , last time u break wif him , i tink u also regret le , partly cos tis u hate ... alot . cherish wat u have now bah
i duno i wil take a break for hw long , i wil decide all the decison next week .
n thanks for the song lyric u ask my mum to pass me . i saw le , i noe wat u mean already .
mayb tis is a punishment for me bah ,now u keep tink im fan den bored .
onli when mattew come , u nv complain bored .
i ask 10 ppls , 9 ppls say u wil patch back , another question , 9 ppl also say i should gib up .
i wil prove to everyone de , my love for u is nt playplay de .
i wil wait till my bday !
i hope ur heart stil have 0.05% of me . im veri veri contended le .
if even 1 day per week u also cant meet me , den half day bah like today . if next week u stil wanna go out wif mattew den u happy i sure happy (:
i jus u to noe tat i stil concern abt u , i cant be by ur side taking care of u when u sick , feed u medicine when u need it . no matter , i do enjoy alot wif no regrets (:
takecare of urself , ur upper lip so dry .
i rmb last time always on fone u wil ask me , baby tml gt meet me anot ? baby tml wat time come down ? baby i wan hug u to slp . baby i wan u by my side now . i can nv forget bah .
if i stil gt the chance now , i wil do everything i can to keep u make ur feeling increase de .
i did once neglect u , nv really cherish u till the time u r leaving me den regret .
but once a person made a mistake , really cant have another chance ?
i noe u reach ur limit , dun wanna get hurt or fan abt friendship n r/s .
i onli wanna be ur fren , u say best fren but meet 1 day per week , also nt even a whole day .
sorry if i bored u , make u tink im fan .
1 word from u , jus 1 word , i wil guaiguai bu fan ni de .
i wil stay in ur world as long as u wan me too but if now u tink u dun need me in ur world le , jus tel me bah .


Friday, June 13, 2008 @ 7:15 PM

i noe u wont be reading my post but wateva jus post .
noe her for so long , yet i dun understand her at all . laughs* so useless rite ?
hmm , today whole day rot at home , doing nth .
helping to clean my room , clean the plate , take rubbish outside n throw lol .
tat's my normal life bah , i guess it wont change for the time being .

ok dor , i post abt u weird face ;D
next mth we going 1 year too . seem like i gt quite a few 1 year de gans .
din even notice lols ! o7o7o7 funny n special date lols .
i noe her in bunk , last time when she tok to me , i always dun bother to reply her . found out im a meanie lols . so i decide to tok to her more .
dun worry weirdface , things has change already . i wont treat u like last time de .

p4l . we seem to be nt close at all . ash u gt ur own fren own sch things to bother abt , silent u gt ur own fren , bunker to bother abt . seem like im the lonely one haas . i jus hope we bros wil meet out more . p4l is so special tat no matter of race , we r together as blood bro . seriously , i do hope we last till de end . u 2 r my preious bro , i jus hope i wont lose u 2 .

baby u gt ur life now , i noe u r super confuse of wat u r feeling right now . u wan to put r/s aside n dun wan gib me too much hope tat y u dun wanna meet me tat often like last time . u wanna change between us . i jus hope the changes wont be too big , but no matter u stil the most impt person in my life . my aunt , mum keep asking me y i onli eat 1 meal per day but i also duno hw to explain to them . i jus keep quiet . i hope u r fine n happy now . see if u tml wan meet me , i seriously miss u alot . takecare x33s

larry . u also nv contact me at all le , nt even msg-ing me whether wan go out anot . i jus hope me n kolyn de matter wont effect us bah . u stil can call me out n meet me de . im always free u noe (: u r my g4y parther lols .

mushroom . i noe u been advising me abt tis matter . u been tinking im a idiot at the start but seriously i noe im stubborn but i dun mind being a idiot jus for her . hope u understand . thanks for all the advise u given me . no matter wat , u r stil my leg long ;D

Thursday, June 12, 2008 @ 10:56 PM

LOVE cant be explain de . u can tel everyone u nv have feeling for tat person , but sooner or later , u wil found out tat person stand some place in ur heart already. after the day he came back n msg u , u 2 been msg-ing everytime i called u , everytime i meet u , everytime i ask u .
dun have to be guilty or wat cos u noe urself best n seriously , u need to noe him better . of cos when the time come , nth's right anymore .
he's a good guy , i seriously dun mind u 2 together already .
i jus feel totally useless tat we been together for 4 mths or so . after u reach ur limit n alot of things happen , u reply me , ans me all totally different . it's like u wanna me to be jealous or wat but anyway u leave me when i need u the most , ur concern is like a biggest thing to me yet now u force urself to stop concern abt me . even if u feel like msg-ing me , or mayb nt u wont already .i can seriously swear to god , my tinking wil be true . now wat i can do , is to trust u , learn hw to gib in to u , dun attitude toward u but i do hope there's an outcome . i can cfm mattew wil have been kinda swee toking to u .
baby pls sleep well dun tink abt things already . do u noe wat u have become ? u r nt urself anymore , i cant see a cheerful wawa le , u r like old time acting ur happy .
seriously it pain my heart seeing u , feeling u like tis . y i always cause u so much pain n stress .
u say u wil walk wif me through my parent stress when i say i feel like giving up but my attitude make u explore . im sorry serious . i dun mean to make u like tis , i dun wan u hate me .
i nv ask for more , i onli wanna see u , be by ur side . even 1 hrs per week or mth , is fine wif me .
as long as u willing to see me . im most happy abt it .
i called u , u wil resting on bed charging fone , msg-ing wif him .
n u wil saying 'idiot' n laughs* when u reading his msg .
i was telling myself , dun u treated me like tis last time also ?

alright ,glad u stil can laughs a little here n there ;D ! y mus my life be like tis .
glad u enjoy the donut ;D
im kinda sad when u lost maomao n star ring .
things lost stil alright can buy back de, but when i lost sight of u in my world , tat a big thing .
hw i wish i can buy back time , i wil do wateva it take to keep u by my side .
my stubborness is the key to sucess but it may make u tink im a bugg to u again ._.
sometimes i wanna msg u , also scare u wil tink im bug .
but when i msg u , u hardly reply .nvm
god is giving me test to test hw much u mean to me , n i wil prove to god n U tat nth can replace u in my small heart . love tat cant take the test is nt love .
i wil pass the test de , although tis is the hardest for now .
i wil keep trying ! u mus gib me chance too .

@ 11:08 AM

baby , sorry i always mistaken u cos suddenly alot of thing jus change ><
dui bi qi seriously . i noe u mean good to me , n i wil change de . believe me once more , i mistaken u also cos u suddenly close back wif others n den things change . so i keep tinking of other thing ><>
now is fine already but my temper stil there cos i mistaken u all the time . u always nv angry at me , nv scold me . seriously tat song de meaning is true !
ur world can have alot of boys , but my world onli can have u . there is no one can step into my little heart le , i noe i been saying u r impt to me but it's true n i wil prove it to u .
i wil change my attitude toward u n my tinking too . shyt tinking of mine keep tinking of the bad thing . zz mayb i jus scare of losing u but by doing tis way , make u wanna leave me sooner -.-
im a shythead la , when i gt u i nv cherish u much . hw to pamper a gal ? can anyone gib me idea LOL . seriously im a noob le .<>
kk i wil end here

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 @ 9:24 PM

hello all ,
hmm today was a fine day , went to find silent n slack around dobi den buy donut went to find baby . i noe she say she need a break n duno hw to face me but i really miss her so i bought some donut n write a letter put at her door step .
seem like she was nt really touched abt it bah , nvm .
after tat went to commonwealth den eat le , den went back to bunk area , saw alot of ppl lols . i keep stay up there pei them smoking n rotting cos i nv smoke -.-
ok after tat 7.30pm i went home by bus .
reach home around 8 plus , eat dinner .
baby keep telling me to gib up , yes i finally gt tink of giving up but i wil nt do it.
my promise for u wil stil goes on , till my bday 25th dec .
even if the bday present is nt wat u told me b4 , is fine wif me .
i also duno u wil come to my bday party anot .
i really duno wat to expect next , life is getting tougher n tougher .
no more colour , total darkness , who can bring me out of darkness ? i wonder .
yes feeling cant be control , ur feeling been fading n now mayb is totally gone .
i nv expect much from u , i noe i mind alot of thing , i noe i m sticky like a bug to u , but from the start we noe each other , i been like tis nv change le .
till now , u gt the feeling of me bugging u , i noe u break down , cant quarrel anymore . seriously i dun feel like quarreling wif u also .. but always u tink i wan n reply me something to start quarrel . u ask urself la ,right from the start when u have little fren , i stood by wif u supporting u , loving u but now all ur frens n exs came back .
i noe i gt wrong too . i always neglect u make u feel moody but u r veri impt to me .
u added colour to my life . u r the one brought me out of darkness .
no matter hw angry or sad , when i see u , everything is jus right .
u last time tel me u quarrel wif guy once ur feeling totally faded le , we quarrel so many time , ur feeling nv totally faded ? miracle lols . im glad tat im impt to u somehw now hw u treat me is like hw u treat haigui last time , close to him le , den when he jio u , say nt ready n i always close to u , so now u r making me cant close to u le .
love is no right or wrong , so dun blame urself bah . feeling cant be control , i nv believe it faded so fast . if time going to reverse till the time when i onli can choose u or end frenship wif alot of ppl . i wil choose u again , i wont regret . i really loveyou , seriously no one can replace u in my heart . i can never forget u so mind as well i keep those memories in my heart as a lesson for me . thanks for tis beautiful goodbye .
i wont gib up de ! i respect ur decison , i see u enjoying ur life now wif ur old fren im happy wif it .
if u willing to come back? im veri happy n of cos im willin to do anything for u to come back
i wil gib in to u more but nt too much bah , since u dislike boy gib in to u so much
iloveyou x33s no one wil replace u !
end blogs .

@ 1:34 AM

wow ! i been tinking from jus now , wat kind of person m i ?
lols frankly speaking .
milo ; useless person , do nth right n everything wrong , duno hw to care for his love one , duno hw to auto do housework always need parent nag nag nag , failure , no money $ , nt shuai , dark tann skinn like shyt like tat , eye small so ugly{hate my eye} .
i tink there is more when i tot of it , i wil write it down .
my parent look down on me , i stil tahan n nv change . so stubborn sia me . MILO Y DUN U CHANGE N BE MORE TIDY TO TIS HOUSE ! it's ur house le laughs*
i jus so stubborn bah , always do the wrong thing , do the thing ppl dislike me doing , do those oppsite thing . y u like tis ? buck up le !
i tink i noe my reason for eye bag already , partly is slp late but there more to it bah rofl
duno y cant fall aslp , I SAY NO MORE EMO-LISH ! zz y stil like tis ? wtf im tinking la ! idiot idiot idiot , silly like 1 retard no brain , brainless ! im so sick of myself , of cos ppl feel sick of me also . kla blog so much for fk ? also nt many ppl reading my blog .

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 @ 12:34 PM

wow i going to prepare to go sch already .
jus now i went to click on my msn chat log lols .
seeing may de chat log wif baby .
so much different already all the promise , say say >< tis r some of it den i jus randomly copy n paste ;D
(5:36 PM) p4l.---xMEElo 小笨:ur nt unreasonable doh (:
(5:36 PM) p4l.---xMEElo 小笨:u jus miss me
(5:36 PM) p4l.---xMEElo 小笨:LOL
(5:36 PM) p4l.---xMEElo 小笨:n i din noe my kiss is so powderful . can kiss ur imperfectional away .
(5:36 PM) p4l.---xMEElo 小笨:o.o
(5:36 PM) KOLYN 小不点 ™:lmaos . just a quote lahs :X
(5:37 PM) p4l.---xMEElo 小笨:lols . u mean like tat also wat ;X
(5:37 PM) KOLYN 小不点 ™:blahs >< !
(5:37 PM) KOLYN 小不点 ™:gan dong mahs ? ;D LOL !
(5:37 PM) p4l.---xMEElo 小笨:lol ! i tot u write tis post tat time . should be u gan dong ;X
(5:38 PM) KOLYN 小不点 ™:lmaos . i almost cried writing half way :X my zhen xin hua uhs ><
(5:38 PM) p4l.---xMEElo 小笨:lols >< dun cry dun cry x.x (
5:38 PM) KOLYN 小不点 ™:blahs .
(5:38 PM) KOLYN 小不点 ™:baby go rest first lahs .
(5:38 PM) KOLYN 小不点 ™:you go see doc better =/
(5:38 PM) p4l.---xMEElo 小笨:u nv brought me trouble la (:
(5:38 PM) p4l.---xMEElo 小笨:relax .
(5:38 PM) KOLYN 小不点 ™:>< !
(5:43 PM) KOLYN 小不点 ™:serious lahs .
(5:43 PM) KOLYN 小不点 ™:if you're tired of waiting . you can just let me go .i seriously canot do anything mahs =[
(5:44 PM) p4l.---xMEElo 小笨:x.x i love u baby ! dun leave me ;[
(5:44 PM) p4l.---xMEElo 小笨:<3
(5:44 PM) KOLYN 小不点 ™:hahaas . i won't de lahs .
(5:44 PM) KOLYN 小不点 ™:;D
end blog later edit again going sch .

ok in school now haas .
jus now chat wif ... found out alot of thing . seem like things really changed alot . i noe im wrong at start for neglecting u when playing dota but im already trying to pei more time already yet now u tink im a ... zz
i nv expected it wil come out from ur mouths, it veri hurtful n disappointing.
i totally no mood in class , ohya i found out i wed n thurs no lesson , wondering wat can i do .
no plans no anything . should i go find ...? later she tink i ... again . ahhh ! hais , see hw bah .
end blog le~


@ 8:49 AM

hellos reader ;D
i jus wake up nth to do so blogg lols .
i really wish {impt} blog wil blog something nice bah . nt all emo emo-lish le .
seriously im nt suffering la , the most hurtful thing is tat after a few mths , u started wanting the special feeling tat i nv even giv b4 . mayb last time we close tgt cos im the onli 1 closing wif u.
now ur old flame old buddie buddie all come back to contact u le so u duno hw to manage a r/s since u always close wif boy .
mayb i nt ready for a r/s too bah . seriously without the tinking of being in a r/s , i feel weird when wanna kiss u or hug u or even worst . jus hope u do ur promise bah ,i dun believe i gt the power to change ur mind but i wil do my best .
nth is impossible , impossible is nth .tis kind of thing i seriously dislike dragging . later u wil be meeting ur old flame le for dinner , enjoy the dinner bah ;D
if everything is back to normal jiu hao but sadly im nt the one for u , when u say tat i nv gib u the special feeling , i been asking myself tis type of thing cannot say gib jiu gib de den i ask myself again den b4 u say u no have the special feeling , those mths b4 we r stil tgt n also no special feeling ? den stil tgt for wat lols . nvm abt my tinking lols , i dun care much le .
i jus wan her to feel happy , tats all . mayb after today , everything wil change =\ who noes lols
im rotting at the com when i dun even noe wat i can do -.- guniang le !
seem like my love life is a failure bah . no matter hw tiongxim , hongster i can be , the result is stil the same de . although she haven decide wat to do , but her blog post jus keep writing tat she wil put it aside first n IM NT THE MR RIGHT.
hopefully u can find ur mr.right . {hope it's me =\}
ur phoeia in r/s has come back , mayb junhui tat time contact u back make u tink of the past so much bah. i noe u waited for him 6 mths n feel veri sad . seriously all along , when u r alone n when u have fren now . im always by ur side supporting u , loving u . tat's nth right ?
i also cant tink of any reason tat im a good stead lols , jealous too much , duno hw to dote her like wat others did , mind so much , no suprise also , sure is boring de bah , i rmb u always say boring when i meet u , tat make sense now .
all along i been changing , n now i tink abt it i duno who im already .
im like someone whose parent say stuff nt really nice , love someone also love until so useless .
now i sitting infront of the com tinking who m i ? i dun have any ideas -.-
i onli noe there is a small chance left , i also wil grab it . no matter wat the outcome wil be like , my love for u stil wont be replace de .
loving u like i nv love b4 , u dun love me it's ur problem ! ;D
end blog bah ,
reader do tag uh , dun lazy lol !

Monday, June 9, 2008 @ 8:51 PM

hellos reader ;D
today post wont be like those post so emo-lish bah .
i dun tink emo wil make anything right lols .
ok i cant wait for thus le , see cupcake weee ~@!
i tink baby sure keep wanna hug cupcake den dun wan hug me bah rofl ! jkjk .
jus now went to meet baby after sch , she's in lan . her mum keep saying the emo-lish song suit me , ya it kinda suit me but i dun wanna be tat emo le ;D
everything is jus fine , even if is fren there is nth wrong wif it lols .
we stil meet out , chat on fone , heart stil gt each other .
onli nv announce to the whole world we r in a r/s onli ma haas .
i now onli can do my best to keep meeting baby , hoping her feelin wont fade so soon ><
my mum nv scold me lols , i meet baby till late late for 3-5 days straight yet she nv say anything lols . good mummy keep it up ;D imaos
i dun care wat's the outcome wil be between us, i jus hope it can stay foreva like tis or even better lols . i noe it's nt possible doh ;D
i jus blog till here , my mummy started complaining i nv wash shirt all these -.- guniang lol !
i saying good thing abt her n she started to say me rofl .
nvm ~ family is family , my baby mei is so cute la ;D
now even can climb the stair case from 1st floor to 2nd floor , so smart ;DD
n she climb so cute lols . nv gib up de , i wil learn from her wahahah !
eng blogg~

Sunday, June 8, 2008 @ 5:27 PM

hellos all (:
nth much today , im a good boy help to wash the plate all these woots !
around 3 plus i went to prepare n go find baby at lan cos she working every sunday .
today i see her , gt a special feeling doh , a feeling i duno hw to explain .
ohh nvm , baby r we counted close ? she is sleeping like a log beside me ,if can i really wan everyday seeing her to slp . im using the counter com to blogg lols . there's nth much i can do for her , so when i have free time or no lesson for the day i wil rush down to find her n pei her . see her so tired today , cfm ytd she nv slp well bah .
hais poor baby ..i dun wan anything else except u doh , i jus wanna take care of u .
im kinda disappointed in something but nvm , love is meant to be like tis . i duno i wil turn back like the past n do wateva it take to keep the gal wif me . mayb i wont , cos even i keep her by my side , her feeling is elsewhere also useless . so now i onli can try to keep her feeling for me there .
i dun wanna regret my life so i wil do wat i wan to do !
baby i hope u wont regret bah (:
there is jus too much thing happening suddenly after all those old contacts find u back .
i jus hope ur love for me is strong enuff to outstand it . {it's jus a dream}
i noe if i always be wif u , no probation . of cos ur feeling wil increase instead of faded .
im really trying veri hard to be wif u le , i gt free time , the first thing i tink of is u .
where to find baby ? is she ok ? i need to rush down to see her .
tat y i took a cab today to find u .
ytd ur msg tel me tat u need someone to hug n u wan me to beside u .
so today i try rush down after washing those plate to please my parent .
i nv been so tiongxim b4 . even if u have feeling for others or u cant cfm ur feeling for others or me . i also wil tiongxim de . i can swear to everyone , xmeelo has nv been so faithful in his life till now . lets tis faithful person carry on wat he wan bah .
iloveyou baby , no one can replace de . i noe u stil concern abt me , pls dun be cold to me le ,
i dun mind anything n i m willing to forgib anything tat u have done wrong .
hope u forgib me too . i wil be wif u as long as u wan me too x33s


@ 12:35 AM

i hate myself for being like tis ! i m nth but a trouble marker , a stress giver , a worthless human on tis earth . im a useless shythead , nth went right but all went wrong !
i wanted her to be happy , but indirectly i gib her more stress ! WTF IS WRONG WIF ME !
useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless !!
i should jus disppear from tis world , such a useless person im . making my love one sad , emo . zz
y gt tis kind of idiotic shyt stil stay in tis world ? ahhh !

baby ; i dun wanna see u like tis anymore , i decide to leave ur world. im sorry for causing u so much pain n suffering. im nt good n nt ready in r/s bah. mayb im nt meant to be in any r/s
i onli noe hw to make my love one sad . useless bastard im !
hope u happy always~
stressless !

do help me change the time if possible (: thanks alot x33s


Saturday, June 7, 2008 @ 10:28 PM

hellos those who r reading my blog (:
today pei baby go grandlink , she see alot of her old buddie buddie lol . seem like she have alot of fun today jus being wif them , chatting n smoking wif them . compare those time wif me , sure seem more bored bah ):
baby , since u decide to put r/s aside , i wil jus be ur fren bah . seem like we wil fren all along lols .
so nt much different also . i also dun tink im ready to be in a r/s doh . it's like i feel jealous when tis when tat -.- i noe my jealous level is quite high but im controling it le . i hope by tis countdown of 78/79 days i can totally control it. seem kinda hard but i wil do it lols . nv try nv noe haas
since i willing to gib up everything for u , tis little jealous thingy sure can control de. although i noe even if i change , i dun tink u wil try wif me lols . jus go wif the flow bah . i hope to noe u better so pls open up urself toward me instead of meeting me up le , den always quiet quiet.
end blogg~

Friday, June 6, 2008 @ 11:41 PM

hellos reader (:
i dun tink there is much ppl reading bah , seem like my blog is kinda short of reader lols .
today i wake up late n pon sch again , 2nd day le . cannot pon liao , feel so bad cos my parent pay for the course , hais . really been no mood studying doh , it's like suddenly nth is impt in my life other den ... {dun feel like mentioning} i nv feel tis way b4. can anyone tel me tiongxim really wont die ? rofl . i tink it's a joke lols. i dun tink tiongxim deserve all these but im willing to take it lols.my head is burning hot right now , baby say i tink too much . hmm , i wonder wat make me tink so much le . alright la , i can tahan de . it's like she ytd decided to choose me instead of him , den today tell me she need a break ? wtf ! im nt a toy u noe ?
i have feeling too , i noe u dun feel good either n pls dun cut ur wrist doh . beg*
i noe it stress u lots , i tink u cant blame the fate doh , if ur love toward me is strong enuff like ur mum toward shwan micheal den nth wil goes wrong .i noe im nt good in treating ppl . i always neglect u n play dota , always gib u attitude . if im a gal i wil rather nt be wif tis failure .
ok lets see if we compare him n me .
lets start wif him ; he is more handsome , more rich , noe hw to dote her more den i do . hw can i compare wif him . i totally 0% confident for the first time .
ok me ; nt handsome , nt rich , duno hw to dote her . wow , compare shyt ? lol !
jus pray to god bah .
baby , no matter wat i wont leave u alone de . even im ur last choice or wat . even cannot be tgt also can be fren bah (: i hope u promise me de thing mus rmb lols . like nt going to boys hse wif him alone , dun kiss or hug wif other boy . unless it's stead den i dun mind. hope u wil do ur promise . u happy i wil happy , respect every decison u made . love you in a way tat nth can replace already . sorry if i nv give up make u a headache . u wan me leave i wil leave de , dun worry i nt so bhb de . as long as u ask me to do anything , i wil do . i bought u the prepaid card to prove im nt jealous when u msg them . i jus wanna noe the truth . thanks for all the swee time when im wif u , i really enjoy it . serious (:
end blogg~

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