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Tuesday, January 27, 2009 @ 11:47 PM

i guess now im a loner alr. gt fren majiam no fren.
dun hang out dun msg dun chi chat. no bonding no anything.
i almost everyday stay at home doing nth. facing the com, tinking wat to do.
tinking whether anyone wan to jio me out lols.
guys out there, anyone tat wanna go out with me can jus msg me de. or tag lols.
im so bored everyday no activite no nth.
i tink of those person to go out with, but it jus seem no one wan.
i really make everyone dislike me alr ? though im always emotion-less but i gt alot of emotion de.
i may look peaceful but in my mind my heart im nt peaceful at all.
i really enjoy the past time in bunk, where i gt fren, everyday go out.
i guess my attitude really sux ba. i been through alot of stages yet tis stage i really
cannot make it alr. i keep having the feeling tat everyone dislike me, but duno isit anot.
wtf im tinking sia, lifeless loveless moodless.
all i do is feel love from cousin ! :D
thanks cousin !


Monday, January 26, 2009 @ 8:32 AM

ok ronald bro.
my words no have any meaning de.
i know my choice of word is always harsh [ sorry ]
i dun wish to carry on tis way.
i jus feel there's no love from anyone alr.
i always tink of u infront of me. even job, b4 i call u.
i alr tell kaixiang i gib u the higher pay job.
u no money, i tink of ways to help u.
i go out, first thing tink of u.
u cant expect me to read ur mind wat.
u dun like to spell out every single word den
hw to understand u better.
i alr told u b4, wat i do wrong den jus tell me lo.
though my attitude still there.
but i been trying to change alr, everytime i change.
i feel there's lesser n lesser love. duno y also.
u ask urself lols. did u do everything, got tink of me first anot.
im nt saying u must but i did truely tink for p4l first b4 me
jus tat sometime my action or words, i myself tink back also feel wrong
but other den tat, i tink im fine wat.
we been brother for 2-4 years alr.
n jus to tell u again.
my word gt no meaning de.
tat kio kill, is actually no meaning de. choice of word gt wrong but there's no other meaning.
nt saying u kio sai or wat. u dun need tink until there.
sometime i jus feel, is i nv do enuff for p4l or wat.
i jus need some attention here n there, need some time to go out with.
mayb when ur bored or wat, u all also can msg me or wat.
nt too much rite? i gt probation, it abt 6pm , i also can cab down to find u all.
den 1-2 hrs cab back home again. tat meeting with p4l alr cost more den 40-50 + alr.
i nt complaining now, but jus giving u exmaple i did do thing for p4l.
for frens too. i jus duno y i keep having feeling some ppl dislike me.


Sunday, January 25, 2009 @ 2:50 PM

y i dun feel love at all from anywhere.
i keep having the feeling tat somehow the group i mix with , some of them actually dislike me.
i keep having tis tinking,even p4l make me feel tat way alr. though i know i m tinking too much abt p4l but tat group -.- im like lack of love from fren or anyone lols.
suddenly my world is loveless. i been changing myself alr. yet the more i change, the more i feel tis way. fk-up! if they dislike me can straight at my face, dun need act de. nvm i dun wanna complain alr. dam sick of tis feeling.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009 @ 3:26 PM


my mind is in a messed. alot of thing happen yet nth can make me post.
now my life is lifeless. staying at home for almost everyday. dam sian.
if gt ppl wan jio me out, do jio me out thanks ! :D
i feel dam sad actually. doing tis with you yet im nt even sure abt ur feeling.
ur heart is like so many ppls in it. im like so out of breath in it.
i dun like the feeling like tis. mayb i shall stop everything.

ohya i cut a new hair style :D though it nt much diff from the past hair. laughs !
but i like tis new hair style :D woo !!!


Thursday, January 8, 2009 @ 12:13 AM

ok im here to post again, but i guess i post to nt often so nt much ppl reading alr (:
i duno wat i tinking also. i jus cant feel p4l treating me impt alr.
i know we treat each other diff somehow but den like to me is jus nt enuff.
mayb is jus me ba LOL !
nvm anyways i wonder how 09s going to be.
i going army soon, mayb april or sep.
finding job now lol (: hope to find 1 soon.
p4l jus dun chat on fone nor msn nor msg. veri veri little !!! nt enuff !!!
i tink no matter hw far or hw long nv contact, im learn hw to accept the facts
they r still special in my heart ba. to me, gal can hardly replace p4l alr.
i duno abt de other 2. ass :X
i jus dun feel the same way though. laughs*
alright ash bro, i hope u dun sad alr, cheer up.
actually u din piss me off la, jus tat i dun wan u carry on ur crap wif me LOL
peace k (:
wtf, she gt a new stead n told u wont last long ? n den will patch wif u ? crap sia
y i always nt inform by u de. zz
ronald bro, choose ur path carefully ba, ite or army. for me, i tink u dun really will study much also, i rather u dun waste time go army. u decide ba. dun sad over her also (:
show ur trueselve to p4l. i dun wan u to hide from us. esp from us.

i do everything also will tink of p4l first, but seems like it diff from the 2 p4ls.
nvm i duno wat to do to make p4l closer alr, i lazy to be the onli one tink of idea onli. fk

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