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Sunday, May 31, 2009 @ 9:03 PM

Whoever's reading tis blog. HELLO!
today rot at home doing nth. chiong a show call 转角遇到爱. it's dam freaking funny n nice.
i keep laughing, well it enlighten me abit on how to love a person n more(:
loving a person u need to be confident, i add in trust. u need to trust that person.
finally finish another show. i guess not much nice show left for me to watch already.
gonna be real bored. i left 2weeks till i go army.
within tis 2weeks, i wish i could spend more time with you alone, my best buddy.
oh forget to announce to everyone, i have a loveable buddy name kolyn lim(:
240208 is the date that i get to know her, or should i say together with her.
it been 1 year 4 mths 7 days 21 hrs 9 mins n counting that we know each other. laughs*
will keep going on forever n ever. regardless ur single or attached, skinny or fat, ugly or pretty, tall or short, i made a promise to my life that i will take care of u and ur family no matter wat.
i mean what i say n i do wat i say. even i in army camp, u can always text me a msg if u need help. i will see when i book out i do my best to help u. all the best in life!


@ 1:20 AM

Hello earthling,
going army soon in june 13. well gonna botak soon, will look more ugly den now ba.
shagg lo, i duno wat i tinking. greedy i suppose. really duno like in the maze. zz
hmm tml going to run i guess at 8am. nth to post le ba.

Thursday, May 28, 2009 @ 11:25 PM

Hmm today wake up around 10plus. suppose to be meeting my po at 11.30am.
but i lazy go so i slack at home watching tv till around 12plus.
den leave hse n take cab over to find zhen. After that, went Tamp mall with Zhen n mummy.
Had quite a fun time together, we were half shopping half going to starhub settle the moderm thing. Pei them eat mac, den take bus back home. Zhen n me was like wearing couple wear like tat. both wear white top white btm with slipper lols. haha
After back home, awhile nia. zhen was trying on her pant n top tat she bought jus now at tamp
den go down meet jun le. ritche n ailing also came awhile later.
den i went home by bus after slacking awhile with them.
when taking 169, i saw 1 baby DAM FKING CUTE LA <3 gosh. looks cute n open mouth de LOL
i love baby <3 laughs*
kk end blog.


Monday, May 25, 2009 @ 2:32 AM

hmm i remember once i wished tat
1. meelo wish tat kolyn lim can be wif mattew lee foreva i left 2 more wishes . next time gt chance den i tink abt wat i wan ba (:i dun care i need to do hw much thing , ur smile can change my world . i do hope u will always smile .
but first wish is gone for good. i hope u dun pester her anymore.

i left 2 wishes.
now i wish tat, ur smile n laughter can always maintain on ur face kolyn. i read back the past post. found out i have change alot of thing. sorry for always makin u piss off yet u forgive me all along. well maintain ur smile n laughter ba x33s. hope u find ur mr.right.

i wished everyone tat's concerning, loving me to be healthy n happy. all the best to all of them!
love them all(:

Sunday, May 24, 2009 @ 2:15 PM

Im not in the right mood now, duno wat im tinking right now.
the feeling i have within me, is far from wat i have expected.
out of all ppl, why why why! i dun understand.
Don't u even bother about my feeling? Don't u know how much it hurt to find out the truth? It's hurt badly. totally feel like dying.
I really din expect things to turn out tis way, my six sense telling me something's wrong but i jus din go check cos i trusted u.
Wat can i do to satafisy u? Why wateva i do, seems pointless in ur eye.
give me some advise will you? stop trying to hide thing from me.
i know i may tink alot, but if u hide from me n i found out. i tink alot more.
at least i can be understanding if ur truthful to me.
well i will cover all ur mistake. im jus worried about u.
i dun know wat's the reason, but i wont blame u, jus clearify with me. im happy enuff
hope u enjoy ur day.


Friday, May 22, 2009 @ 4:22 PM

Hmm ytd went to play pool with kolyn n junhui.
i left my ic over there. shit lol!
today went to bugis fushion to take back my ic. dam boliaos sia.
but it's a whole new experience. i nv been alone in bugis b4.
so i walk 1 big round reach si ma lu. the temple there, go in baibai.
den walk back to the bus stop to wait for bus. while waiting,
i saw my sec sch sell drink de stall owner. he came to me, n say hello.
i was shocked lol, he still rmb me haha(:
after tat went home.

well kinda disappointed, i called 10 ppls, all cannot make it to bugis to pei me.
in de end after i reaching my place, 1 of them called me n say can pei me cos end sch. lols. well thanks you, is alright already.
seems like my phone contact abit useless. cannot jio them out de hhaa.

u must be sleeping now, never ans my phone call.
sorry if i attitude u jus now, cos u last min say lazy dun wan go. bomb me.
hmm takecare ba, dearest LOL (:


Sunday, May 17, 2009 @ 3:26 PM

Ytd night was nt bad. 2 ppls came calling me. 1st around 12plus, Tyzal came calling me asking me wanna play mahjong anot, near my place at his fren hse. i cant so i went back to slp. 2plus, kolyn came calling me asking me for dota or something. i cant really hear properly, was in the sleeping mood. well i get up to the com n msn her to recomfirm wat she wanna ask. yup is dota i guess but she ask me go back slp. so went back to slp again. 6plus i wake up out of a sudden, n cant get back to slp.
bopian, watched 2 espi of movies n prepare go out for morning run.
well first time, i run until vomit n still i find the training worth while.
i going to run with them till i go in army. well my stamina sure can bulid up.
im rotting at home now, anyone wanna go out ? ;D can contact me.

i will update anything else if there's something to update. well
tata` loves.


Saturday, May 16, 2009 @ 2:44 AM

i guess it time for me to post alr ba (:
if nt my blog really rotting le.
well my feeling now , there's high n low .
You are like a terroist , just awhile your already taking big steps crossing the borderline into my heart . laughs*
when ur nt around , i will tend to worry abt ur safety , wonder wat ur doing .
when ur with me , i always feel like being the 1 entertaining u .
i duno wat i have been changing into but i know it's cos of u .
i feel like taking care of u , seeing u smile is my greater thing in life .
now u should be enjoying urself with ur fren in east coast , night cycling .
take good care of urself , i dun wan anything to happen to u .
seriously i dun have to tink so much , cos if ur happy im happy .
i know my own limits , i know where i stand in ur heart .
no matter wat , at least im a fren to u . i dun crave for more since i m offically enlisting army soon . there's nth much i can do or say since u scare of being lonely . i guess by the time i finish bmt , ur already in ur holidays , finishing ur N's . well i duno how to write a sweet proper english but tis post is my heart-felt words .

i been always staying at home. doing nth, well i guess i mus do something n plan for my life nt rotting at home anymore. so i decide to go out with my bro later to buy running shoes. i going to bulid up my stamina for army. later on going out with my bro n his poly fren to watch movie. well i'll see how it goes (:

alitte of me,
i have change my mind. opening out myself for all. well i dun wanna close up myself anymore. though i really miss having alot alot of frens but now seems like alot of ppl are disliking me already. well i hope to change a new image toward them. well wish me luck.

Monday, May 4, 2009 @ 11:31 PM

Hi all ,
life's boring. i din really go work alr.
my daily routine is like facing the com, eat, sleep, or go out to meet kolyn.
well, i really dk wat's wrong with my life. wat i really wan in my life?
i know i cant demand anything right now since im going army soon.
it's nt easy. everytime every moment, ur every actions or words were always in my heart n it remind in there forever.
i really wanna quit tis tinking of mine, put it to rest. im learning, slowly.

wat is going on? i m a boring person, i really wan to enterain u but sometimes i jus dk wat to say, suddenly blank in my mind. i really love you n wanna take good care of u regardless wat u have become. im dam happy when u sent me a goodnight msg. it's like finally u sent ! woo haas. i know my attitude n understanding problems, im slowly changing.

love is nt abt finding someone u can live with_ but is finding someone u cant live without. i really find tat my life without you is meaningless.
love is nt how u make it happen at start, but how u maintain n improve the feeling for the lifetime. i will prove to everyone tat i m tiongxim to 1 , tat's u <3
i feel like annoucing to the whole world, I LOVE YOU KOLYN LIM! <3
ok my mind went blank again, i jus hope to get another chance when i can care for u. love u lots <3


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