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Sunday, December 21, 2008 @ 2:27 AM

Ok guys (:
tis post is abt my bday curse ! nb
it been almost every year tat b4 my bday,
i will be single one. dam fk lol
no swee lover spend my bday wif me.
okok GUYS help me lookout for gals LOL ! [this is for joke but jus play along]
my type is gt standard de
1. Attitude
3.Must clink wif my fren

lookout for me ah LOL ! jkjk =p
kk tat's all so boring.

Monday, December 15, 2008 @ 1:04 AM

hi readers.
i duno if there's any reader though. tis blog's so dead.
i dun feel happy at all. i dun understand why, im always so nt improtant to anyone.
today i woke up at 6pm, i have a long nice sleep for the first time.
after i wake up, straight my dad come in my room n nag me for nt opening the door.
wtf? i sleeping where gt care open door anot.
keep complaining wat i do , blahblahblah!
in msn, i often onli chat with a few ppl. one of it, i dun mention name.
i often feel tat ... gt feeling for me or m i tinking too much cos ... reply me
makes me feel so unwanted. y mus we keep on replying like tis.
i mean u mus really reply like tis den u happy ?
i dun know wat u really tinking abt, any guy can be the one for u.
dun have to me, it jus make me confused.
i been single for so long alr, i dun mind being single. it jus feel sux sometimes
going out with frens, seeing couple together.
nvm mayb im fated to be single for a veri long time since i did something wrong in the past.
i can never attract a gal to be like my type anymore.
hais i wonder when can i find 1.
alright i shall stop here, 10days more to my bday.
i wonder how it will be. nt going to be excited i tink cos tis year im single again.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 @ 2:34 AM

Ok Great Day (:
Nth much actually LOL.
Sorry Bro, u always been covering my mistake n dun flare out at me.
i know u know me well n indeed hardly ppl know me like u do.
i always say i will change yet i din. i duno hw to change also -.-
i will learn t-up ba. wat i teach n say, i nv do much also.zz
i always blame u n see ur bad point, im nt a good leader also.
like in dota, i no more old time skill n i really sick of being a cheiftain alr.
everytime draft, i will feed. how to be cheif like tat.zz

if u duno who den nvm. sorry tat i make u moody tat day.
i dun mean it, jus my anger word. hope ur fine.
thanks for pei-ing me tat morning, though ur veri tired.
mayb i flare out tat day cos u went to alot of ppl hse ba, i duno wat got into my mind
but it's like rubbish lol. forget wat i say ba, i dun mean it.
if im the bastard child, ur my bitch child =p

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